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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Iceman Cometh

Wednesday night sees my triumphant return to Adult recreational hockey. This year I will join many of my friends, former teammates, and competitors in a new league at Buccaneer Arena on Wednesday night. Once again I will play for the team sponsored by Cup O Kryptonite - the best coffee shop in town; they also happen to be the best comic store in the city.
Although I played with the same group last year at Wells Fargo Arena, our games were spread out sporadically. The irregular schedule combined with the small number of games was not very satisfying. Thankfully I will have a full slate that runs all the way to May 19. Our league commissioner, Joe Bafia, dedicated our trophy to a fellow adult league player that passed away on the ice earlier this year. It is a very noble tribute and we will be proud to hoist the Fleming Cup this May.
Cup O Kryptonite Hockey Schedule:
September 16 vs YDD Tattoo 9pm
September 23 vs Puck Hawgs 9pm
September 30 vs Alien 9pm
October 7 vs Red Alert 9pm
October 14 vs Irwins 7:30pm
October 21 vs YDD 10:30pm
October 28 vs PH 10:30pm
November 4 vs Alien 10:30pm
November 11 vs RA 10:30pm
November 18 vs Irwins 9pm
December 2 vs YDD 7:30pm
December 9 vs PH 7:30pm
December 16 vs Alien 7:30pm
December 23 vs RA 7:30pm
January 6 vs Irwins 10:30pm
January 13vs YDD 9pm
January 20 vs PH 9pm
January 27 vs Alien 9pm
February 3 vs RA 9pm
February 17 vs Irwins 7:30pm
February 24 vs YDD 10:30pm
March 3 vs PH 10:30pm
March 10 vs Alien 10:30pm
March 17 vs RA 10:30pm
March 24 vs Irwins 9pm
March 31 vs YDD 6:30pm
April 7 vs PH 6:30pm
April 14 vs Alien 6:30pm
April 12 vs RA 6:30pm
April 28 vs Irwins 9:30pm

*The colors shown on the schedule do not represent the actual teams' colors.

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