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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Living in Fantasy Land... Part 1

I say that at this point because that is the best way to describe my vision of high school lacrosse in Iowa. At the moment we have only two teams in the state, but one of them is in Council Bluffs which means it is practically in Omaha, Nebraska. By now you should very well know the other team - the team I help coach - is in West Des Moines.

I have a grand vision of a high school club lacrosse league spread across Iowa. It is not hard to picture it as a multi-state league akin to the hockey league, including Nebraska and South Dakota, either. For the purposes of sharing my vision, I will focus simply on the Iowa teams. The Des Moines area teams will get the most attention primarily because I am the most familiar with them.

Make no mistake though; I will address other areas of the state as well. As I previously stated in an unrelated post, there are people in other metros that have expressed interest in lax. Using a mix of logic and the inquiries I have received, I will provide a rough outline of growth. I do not see lax clubs springing up at every school in the state; I would love too, but even Fantasy Land needs a little reality.

The upcoming posts will feature uniform and helmet concepts. Because I am doing most of this during my break times at work, I will not be applying the team logos to the helmets. I am not doing custom gloves at this time either, but may in the future. Because I am assuming that lax will remain a club sport, I will not delve into field usage at all.
So sit back and enjoy my little fantasy land of lacrosse...

Valley Tigers

I am starting with the only team currently playing in Central Iowa. Our current uniforms do not look like this and we do not have team helmets. This uniform is a concept and not binding in any way; it is just something fun. The uniform template is Warrior Insert. It is a sublimated jersey which gives us some options and has a nice online designer. Originally I played around with an orange jersey, but ultimately I decided to stay with the black.Valley currently rocks black jerseys and shorts with white helmets and gloves. We have begun moving to orange visors and chins on the helmets and black trim on the gloves. This allows us more glove options and incorporates all of three colors in our equipment. The concept below is the realization of this helmet on a Cascade Pro 7. In Fantasy Land, every team has matching Pro 7s...

Tribe 7