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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Hate Global Warming

I mean, global warming is the reason for such heavy snow in the early part of October, right? The month is not half over so global warming is the only plausible reason for it to be 30 and snowing instead of 55 and raining, right? They only hand out Nobel prizes for things that actually happen, right? Ignoring this global warming-caused unseasonal snow would be acknowledging that the whole thing is an inconvenient truth, right?
Because of what I will refer to as Al Gore's Inconvenient Weather, Valley's lacrosse tournament in Lincoln was canceled/postponed. Unfortunately we all got up early, met at Southwoods, and started heading west. Luckily one of the other coaches (thanks, Parker) caught us before we were out of Dallas County. We turned around and headed back to West Des Moines. I am upset for a lot of reasons.
1. We did not have out lacrosse tournament today. We have been preparing for this tournament since school started. Zach has been exclusively focused on it for a couple of months. I have been looking forward to it - this was the highlight of my fall. I love coaching lax almost as much as playing and love watching lax almost as much as coaching. As a coach, I love the opportunities to interact with my players and scout opposing teams. Now that is down the crapper today.
2. I still woke up extremely early (5:30) on a Saturday. I did nothing last night to ensure a good night's sleep since I knew I had a full day ahead of me. Waking up early on Saturday is like pounding Jaeger in church on Christmas - it's just not right.
3. I went out in the snow for nothing. Between getting gas, figuring out who is riding with whom, talking to parents and players, and other miscellaneous crap, I probably spent an hour outside this morning. It is freaking cold.
4. Mostly I am upset that our ignorance of Mr. Gore's incredibly entertaining Nobel-prize winning documentary caused us to make it snow in October. If only we had listed to the former Vice President earlier, perhaps we would be wearing flip flops and bard shorts now. I am sorry sorry Mr. Gore; I will do my part to stop global warming so that we never have to deal with early October snow again!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Adidas Ups Their Game

Although the prices has not yet been released, the new 2009 John Grant Jr line of Adidas gear is officially here. The Adidas lacrosse website has pics of the new gear. I have to admit that it looks great both in terms of style and function. Unlike their first line of equipment, Adidas looks to have gotten this gear right - supposedly with JGJ's input. Either way, the new gear definitely demonstrates that Adidas has arrived...

Some MCLA programs, notably Michigan, already use Adidas gear. Expect the trefoil's NCAA clubs to start using these products as well. With Notre Dame as a marquee client in every other sport - and the fact that the Irish were unhappy with Michigan's more comprehensive deal - expect them to be among the first to don the new stuff. Brown and the other Adidas programs will probably start picking it up as well. I would wager that the Adidas sponsored colleges will switch to Adidas gear as soon as their current equipment deals are up.
The door may also open for their corporate holding, Reebok, to supply these teams. This happens already in NCAA hockey. Adidas, Wisconsin, Michigan, and the other Adidas sponsored schools wear Reebok and CCM gear with their Adidas jerseys.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hold Up on Your WFA Swarm Tickets!!!!!

Ok, I know I posted some info just the other day about the tickets for the Swarm game at Wells Fargo Arena, but hold off on your purchases, please! I spoke briefly with one of my Iowa Events Center contacts earlier today and it looks like something awesome is in the pipeline. I have a quick meeting with both of my contacts this evening right after work to set up a fundraising ticket package for the Valley Tigers Lacrosse team!
In addition, WFA wants to host a high school box lacrosse tournament before the Swarm game! They are interested in having 6-8 teams (including Valley) participate. I will spreading the word to the Nebraska League coaches this evening when I have the full details. My contact at the Swarm mentioned that a few high school teams up north were interested in coming to Des Moines for the game, so there is a possibility that they may take part as well! Do not forget about the possibility of a Kansas City team or two...
The tournament will be in addition to the Swarm vs Mammoth and Iowa State vs Iowa games and a lacrosse clinic put on by the Swarm!
As soon as I get the full information and get home, I will post it and send out what I can. This is exciting news and will only help to spread the game in the metro!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

National Lacrosse League: Minnesota Swarm vs. Colorado Mammoth

The National Lacrosse League is taking Wells Fargo Arena by Swarm!The National Lacrosse League is visiting Des Moines for the first time as the Minnesota Swarm take on the Colorado Mammoth in a NLL exhibition faceoff. The two teams will prepare for the 2010 season with this Western Division matchup. The game starts at 7:00 pm.
Tickets, priced at $41, $31, $21, and $11, are on sale now and can be purchased through the Wells Fargo Arena Ticket Office, all Dahl’s Foods locations, online at, or by phone at 1-866-55-DAHLS. Interested groups of 10 or more can receive a $5 off discount on all price levels. For more information on group discounts, contact Jason Evans at 515-564-8146 or via email. Let him know that you are part of the CILA/Valley group.
- or -
Show your loyalty and ask how you can purchase Iowa or Iowa State tickets. Both schools are selling tickets at special prices as part of a fundraiser. You can also contact the Hawkeyes or Cyclones directly about purchasing tickets. They will face off at 3:00 pm.

Visit the Iowa Events Center homepage to learn more!

I also have a few fliers (ok 100) that I can give out. However, they are making the trip to Lincoln this Saturday - Valley has a fall ball tourney. I can get more from the Events Center as needed.

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