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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Equipment Review - Adidas 111 Shoulder Liners

In addition to the 111 Elbow Pads and Shoulder Pads, Adidas Lacrosse sent me a pair of 111 Shoulder Liners. Preferred by d-poles and players that despise full shoulder pads, the liners are generally not my cup of tea. But as I mentioned in the Arm Pad review, I am considering a switch to d-pole myself. When that happens, liners are exactly what I want to wear.
Much like the Shoulder Pads, I tried the 111 Shoulder Liners on as soon as I pulled them out of the box. Their extremely light weight made it seem more like yanking on a t-shirt than putting on a set of pads. Right away I could tell that they would definitely be in the way on the field.
The front laces make it easy to widen the protection while keeping adequate padding over the sternum. The ample Velcro straps allow plenty of room to account for barrel chests and strong upper bodies. The neck opening is large enough for an NFL line backer to wear comfortably, yet the shoulder padding sits exactly where it should.
Much like the 111 Shoulder Pads, the liners move with your body and do not ride up on your throat. They do not impair throwing or interfere with checks. Full range of motion is entirely possible while wearing the liners.
Just like the rest of the 111 line, the Shoulder Liners are equipped with Climalite. This moisture wicking fabric is amazingly functional. I never felt wet while wearing these despite the swimming pool of sweat that poured from my body. When summer time humidity rolls around, Climalite will be a blessing.
Comfort: 10

Flexibility: 10

Moisture Management: 8

Protection: 4

Overall: 8 out of 10

Since every high school and college player in the country has to wear shoulder pads, it is important to get something that suits your needs as a player. Generally, the liners are designed for defensive players, but they would work for some middies as well. While they do not offer much protection, dodging middies that are not afraid of the occasional check can certainly appreciate their maneuverability and near weightless feel.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hockey Night In Iowa 2010 Edition - Game 12

The new month provides an opportunity for a fresh start. After a massive 6-1 loss to the Puck Hawgs last week, Irwins is tied for last place with Funky Pickle. Although the website shows us below the Pickle, we hold the edge with two wins over them.
Tonight we meet first place Cup O Kryptonite for the third time. Our previous encounters resulted in a pair of 5-2 losses (1st - 2nd). I am not going to lie, the coffee guys are pretty damn good.
In order to beat Cup tonight, we will need a miracle in net. Daniels is a competent goalie, but has struggled since injuring his knee a few weeks ago. His confidence has been noticeably shaken, but his spirits remain high. If he can regain some of his form, he may be able to prevent some of the softer goals he has allowed since his return.
Our defense has long been our strongest component. Their communication and puck movement should spark our offense and relieve pressure on Daniels. Unfortunately, most of their outlet passes are choked by poor offensive placement and turn overs abound.
To counter this, the centers (Massa, N. Hrabak, and myself) continually push the wings further up in the defensive end. Last week, the wings collapsed several times which drew the three of us out and exposed our weak transition game. Instead of providing solid opening along the boards, the defensemen were left looking for a roving center to pass to. As the Hawgs continually chocked the middle, we routinely failed to clear.
Cup's defense is much more familiar with each other than that of the Hawgs. This translates into better coordination and puck control. No team in the league retains the puck in the offensive end as well as the defending champions. Breakaways are nearly impossible against this dominating team.
Unfortunately, I predict another big win for Cup O Kryptonite tonight - once again in the 5-2 neighborhood.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Equipment Review - Adidas 111 Arm Pads

When I received my box from Adidas Lacrosse, I have to admit that I was disappointed to see the 111 Arm Pads instead of the 111 Arm Guards or 211 Elbow Guards. Since I typically play attack and also play box, I was hoping for something offering a bit more in the way of arm protection. On the other hand, I have been considering playing d-pole and was excited about the potential for these pads.
I received size XL, but as soon as I pulled them on I realized they may not be big enough. The nonadjustable top strap did not want to slide over my bicep. Since I am not exactly Schwarzenegger, this is a major concern; I am unsure about more muscular D1 d-poles being able to wear this pad without some *ahem* modification.
Valley d-pole Dan Boyd tried them for half of the Orange vs White game. He praised their light weight, but said that they continually slipped off his arm due. Whether this was due to the pads' size or me stretching the strap (it is elastic, so that should not be an issue), I am not sure.
If I was a d-pole, this is the type of pad that I would prefer to wear. Unlike attack, poles rarely get repeated checks across the forearm so getting rid of the extra weight and restriction of a full arm guard would be a great idea. The 111 arm pads' ClimaLite lining, flexibility, and light weight make this pad a winner. They provide sufficient protection on falls and errant stick checks to the elbow. Full force hits are definitely felt, but again, this pad is designed for players that are rarely in the position to receive such checks.
Comfort: 7
Flexibility: 9
Moisture Management: 8
Protection: 5
Overall: 7.25 out of 10
I would recommend this pad to d-poles - especially those that park themselves on GLE. LSMs would be wise to avoid this pad as it offers virtually no protection.

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