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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Swarm Beat Stealth

Tonight the Minnesota Swarm beat Paul Rabil and the San Jose Stealth 10-7 in Minneapolis. In the first period, the Swarm jumped out of the gate with three goals. They scored six more in the second period. Dan Marohl scored the lone Minnesota goal in the third. The Stealth put up three and four goals in the second and third periods, respectively. Neither team scored in the fourth.

Tonight's win puts Minnesota in first place in the West at 2-0. What a great way to start a season!

Best Equipment Survey Results

A few months ago, I asked you which lacrosse brand was the best. I know that my original cut off date for this poll was originally the end of January, but it started getting a little long in the tooth. Plus, responses pretty much stopped rolling in around the first week of December. This poll was mostly a curiosity, but can also be used as a tool to help recommend gear to new players. I never really expected anything odd with this poll and I was not shocked to see which brands were the most popular.
A rather shocking result was Reebok's lack of votes. Several laxers on the Lacrosse Forums seem to think the Vector makes fairly legit gear. The fact that Adidas got a vote while its corporate sibling did not surprises me a little.Based on the poll, the best brands for lacrosse gear are STX, Warrior, and Brine. Each received eight votes.
Much lower on the scale was Harrow with two votes. Gait/DeBeer, Maverik, and Adidas each received a single vote. In addition to Reebok not getting any votes, no one picked "Other." So much for Scorpion, VooDoo, and Serpent...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What I Got For Christmas

Yes, I realize that Christmas was two weeks ago (even worse, the stuff I got was received on the Saturday before). I have been swamped with this that and the other thing, which basically prevented me from taking some pics of my new gear. Making matters worse, the Christmas tree used the outlet I usually plug my laptop in (I do not have a memory card slot on my PC). Now that the chaos of Christmas and New Years is behind me, I can finally get pics of my new stuff up here.Since I am as new to actually playing lacrosse as many of my fellow Iowans, I thought it would be wise to start with some beginner sticks and essential gear. Everything I received can be found at Great Atlantic Lacrosse for very reasonable prices. In fact, most what I received actually came from Great Atlantic Lacrosse.My Nike bag was a gift from my grandma. It is very high quality and quite spacious.My mom gave me two complete sticks, a STX AV8& a Gait Icon II. Each has an aluminum handle and a fully strung head. Mom also gave me four Warrior balls (two white and two orange).I received this Warrior Krypto Pro shaft from outside of my family. It is super light and freaking awesome. When I received it, I thought the box was empty, no joke. My next purchase will be a head for it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Free Warrior Hockey Gear!!!!

Yeah, I know this is most definitely not a lacrosse article. Still, I have a feeling that many of my readers play hockey. On top of that, Warrior is only one of the best well known lax companies, duh.
Sign up today and join your insano stick-head brethren at the flashpoint of all things hockey. Your pics & vids. Your comments. A full-on, bare-knuckle, social, hockey cluster bomb. Create your profile, upload it with all the mind-bending hockey insanity you can pour on the page - pictures, vids, whatever you've got. Bring it to the Warrior Nation. The more you add, the higher you're ranked. And believe me, rank has it's benefits*

All you've got to do is sign up here.

*And by benefits I mean stuff like gear give-a-ways and free schwag.
You've been notified. The rest is up to you. Join the Warrior Nation today.

New Poll - For Central Iowa Laxers Only!!!!

That's right, the new poll is geared towards people in Central Iowa who want to play lacrosse! (Technically, this poll is for anyone who will be in the Central Iowa region this summer that wants to play lacrosse.) I am looking for anyone interested in playing men's' field lacrosse from high school freshmen on up. To help me better understand how the planned summer league looks, please let me know what lacrosse gear, if any, you have. I realize that some things, like sticks, are easier to get a hold of on short notice...
As I previously stated, the plan right now is to allow hockey equipment (including helmets with full face cages) to be used. Hopefully lacrosse will become a big enough hit next year that we can start to require lacrosse specific padding to be in compliance with US Lacrosse, at least for the more advanced league. On top of that, once the Demons get started, it is my understanding that those players will need lax specific helmets and pads.
In the meantime, please answer the poll and stay in touch with me about playing lacrosse. Do not worry about which brands or level (starter to pro) of equipment you have. Right now it is all about getting this puppy going.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Swarm Win First Game

The Minnesota Swarm were in fine form against the Portland Lumberjax on Saturday night. The January 3, 2009 National Lacrosse League contest saw the Swarm come out of Portland, OR with a big win. The final score was 11-7.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cyclone Lacrosse Interview - Mike Pokorney

Just as with the Hawkeyes, the Iowa State interviews is starting with the team captain. Mike Pokorney came to Ames from Chaska, Minnesota after graduating from high school in 2006. He started playing on the school's club lax team his senior year. At that time, players and parents ran the show, but the team has now become officially recognized by the school.

As a long pole defender, Pokorney is a fan of Nicky Polanco. By extension, the Long Island Lizards is his favorite Major League Lacrosse team. As a Minnesota native, Pokorney also follows the Swarm in the National Lacrosse League. He attributes the fast play of the NLL to the Swarm's ability to draw fans in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. As a field player, he enjoys the differences that the indoor game provides. What can I say? The man has good taste...

How did number 18 get interested in lacrosse? "I played football and baseball throughout highschool. My senior year I decided I had had enough baseball and was going to try out for either the golf team or lacrosse. I figured in lacrosse I get to hit people so I decided to play." He still follows both sports. Being a wide receiver no doubt provided the athleticism needed to be a quality lax defender.

Growing the game is important to Pokorney whose hometown youth program was just getting started when he was a boy but "has grown ten fold in last few years." While not making any firm commitments at this time, Pokorney is interested in helping the game spread in Des Moines. Maybe he will even decide to participate in the proposed summer league.

In closing, he offered this advice: "Give it a chance. People always say it is a great mixture of many sports, but it it is truly a sport unlike any other. If you like big hits, scoring and just a fast paced game lacrosse is for you!"

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