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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gritty Game

I just got home from hockey. We broke our losing streak with a tough, physical game against a frustrated Alien team. A couple of tempers got out of hand, but in the end we got back into the game and won 3-0.
God my legs are tired...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tribe 7 Update

A little change has been made at Tribe 7 since last week. The ThunderStick is now $60.00 but they are now offering free shipping. They have added a custom stringing option called the "SlingShute Arrow" at no additional charge.

A new carbon composite shaft has also been introduced. It is called the "Checkmate" and currently sells for $39.99.
They are introducing a pinched version of the current Savage 7 at the end of the month. Pricing information for the Optimus 7 is not yet listed, but expect in the same ballpark as the Savage 7 ($35 unstrung/$45 strung).

Hockey Night in Iowa

Tonight my adult hockey team, Cup o Kryptonite, plays at 10:00 pm. After a three game winning streak, we have hit the skids and lost the last three. Tonight we face Alien Hockey, whom we beat 7-1 in our last meeting.
Several things have worked against us in the last few weeks, most notably player absences. Hopefully tonight we will have a fairly full roster and our drive will have come back to us. We are also hoping that the late start time will have minimal effect on our players' energy levels. Defeating the commissioner's team would certainly boost our morale and get us back into the spirit of winning.
Tomorrow is the inaugural game of box lacrosse in Des Moines! Hopefully I am not too exhausted to make some decent predictions...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Valley Went 2-2 Yesterday

The Valley Tigers Lacrosse Club went headed to Lincoln yesterday for the Rampage Fall Classic. Rescheduled from October 10 due to snow, this was Valley second trip to Lincoln for fall ball.
On October 10, we had 20 guys coming with us. Yesterday only 13 could make it. More than half of yesterday's team were underclassmen. Only one team captain, and three seniors total made the trip. We also lacked our starting varsity goalie.
Luckily the guys that did go stepped their games up. Back up goalie Hunter Couch, in particular, had a huge day. Facing 45 shots on the day, he only let in 16. Most of the shots taken and scored were in the final game when the team as a whole was simply exhausted. Couch stood firm and still managed a 63% save percentage in that game. Bravo to Sugar Rush.
Many new players made their Valley debut yesterday. Let me be the first to say that the spring season looks bright.
Now for a quick recap:
Game 1 saw us against the Rampage. Lincoln narrowly lost to defending champion, Millard West, 6-4 in their first game. Apparently the home team was on their game yesterday. After they got ahead early, we came back to beat Lincoln 4-2.
Our second game was against a combined team featuring Westside and our heated rivals, River City. After allowing an early goal, Valley turned up the heat to win 11-4. This makes our fourth victory over the Black Knights in as many meetings.
Following a lunch break, we faced perennial powerhouse Creighton Prep in our third game. Prep's bench was twice as deep as ours and featured significant experience. After an early ejection of both a Bluejay and our team captain, Cam Bostwick, we dug in. Having gone down 3-0 by halftime, the Tigers dug in our heals and fought back to narrowly lose 3-2. Even without their most established leader on their field, our boys came together and persevered. This game exemplified a "quality loss."
Unfortunately our final game saw a Valley team with no energy left. The early morning drive combined with the lack of depth and dry weather depleted what little oomph remained. Despite high levels of fatigue, everyone came back and fought as hard as they could. All of our time-outs were used just to allow the guys to catch their breath. After fighting against the returning champs and their deep bench, we ended up with a 7-4 loss. Never in my life had I witnessed a team give their all and not give up when everything was against their favor. This game made me proud to be associated with the team.
I also want to share my thanks to the coach of Millard West. When one of our underclassmen got hurt late in the game, the coach showed a lot of class by calling a time-out. This is what lacrosse is all about. Thanks, coach.
Valley will play next on Tuesday, November 10 at Valley Stadium. The scrimmage will start at 6:30 pm and is open to the public.
The Box Lacrosse League begins this Thursday at 7:00 pm. Drake and ISU play in the first game. The Demons will host Valley in the second.

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