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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tickets - National Lacrosse Game at Wells Fargo Arena 12/5

I have a block of tickets to the National Lacrosse League game at Wells Fargo Arena on Saturday, December 5, 2009. The Minnesota Swarm host the Colorado Mammoth at 7:00 pm. The Valley Tigers Lacrosse Club has been invited to participate in a tournament before the game. In order to do so, all 50 tickets originally given to me must be sold. Over the last week, I sold nine tickets.
We are selling the tickets for the face value of $21. However, there are no additional ticket fees that come with online purchases. Also, most discounts through employers only end up negating the additional fee. In our case, $5 of every ticket sold goes to the Valley team - which is primarily funded through player dues - to secure indoor practice time this spring. Practice space is limited this spring so we must rent space for preseason training. The team is not funded by the school (other than uniforms).
In addition to the high school tournament and the National Lacrosse League game, Iowa State will host Iowa on the turf as the school's respective lacrosse clubs square off on the box turf for the first time. Admission to the high school and college games is included with your purchase of the NLL tickets.Get your friends, family, neighbors or whatever to buy tickets. Bringing a large crowd will increase our chances of hosting a game again next year. I can get additional tickets if needed. Wells Fargo Arena is a great place to watch hockey, let's turn it into a real House of Lax as well.
Your help is greatly appreciated! The game will be awesome!
I must have all of the money for the tickets no later than Thursday, December 3, 2009. I will be our box lacrosse league games that night. We can make arrangements at other times; please contact me beforehand. I cannot/will not release tickets until I have received your payment.

Valley players that wish to participate in the tournament need to buy/sell at least four (4) tickets. Every player is encouraged to sell as many tickets as possible as there is a chance that we may be able to field two squads if needed (100 tickets required). As of right now, there are two combined teams from the our league confirmed to be participating. The final team will either be comprised mainly of Black Knights players (based on discussions with the WFA staff), a third combined team from Omaha, or a second Valley team.
This is a unique opportunity. The games will be earlier in the afternoon but the final game will be immediately following the Swarm game. There will also be a professional clinic put on by members of the Swarm.
Tentative Schedule for Game Day
12:00 High School Tournament - Game 1
1:00 High School Tournament - Game 2
2:00 High School Tournament - Game 3
3:00 Iowa vs Iowa State
4:00 Swarm Lax Clinic
5:00 Pregame warm ups, dance team, etc.
7:00 Mammoth vs Swarm
9:30 High School Tournament Game 4/Championship

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