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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sporting News

Valley- Waukee Lacrosse is now a Varsity Program
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I would like to say congratulations to West Des Moines Valley-Waukee Lacrosse for starting as their 1st Year as a Varsity Program. What I would like to see more of is More Olympic Sports Interest in Iowa from Lacrosse,Ice Hockey (Which Ankeny is the 1st to Offer Girls Ice Hockey through the School), More Swimming Rugby, and at least a return in Field Hockey in Iowa.
I feel strongly about bringing more Olympic Sports to Iowa again because I want to see more kids get into sports because I would like to see more sports get attention in a positive light.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Central Iowa Lacrosse Online Store Now Open!

You may have noticed the new graphic links on all of the CILA affiliated sites that lead to the new Central Iowa Lacrosse Association Online Store. I've been toying with a finding a way to make merchandise and fan wear available for CILA, the Demons, and the Valley Tigers Lacrosse Club. The Logo Sportswear store allowed me to create fan wear for the Tigers, Demons, and CILA at reasonable prices. To keep prices down even more, I am not taking any commission on these items!
Let me know what you think of the retro design I've created for the Demons. Of course the regular official logo appears as well. I've even put some team shorts with the helmet/third logo. If there is demand for the secondary logo, I will add products with it as well. But for now I will not be making or removing any items; if there is enough demand in a few months, things will be mixed up a little. I am limited to 50 products overall, so...
Since there seems to be interest in buying CILA reversibles, I have made them available as well. I couldn't get the Demons logo to work and have decided that it will not adorn a jersey until actual game shirts can be made (and group ordered). Unfortunately numbers are not available for the reversibles.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Lax Clinic

I've already heard back from the ISU Cyclones Lacrosse Club regarding our clinic plans. One of their coaches says we can do it ASAP. May 30th looks like the earliest possible date considering this weekend is our last game, next week is too short of a notice, and the 23rd is Labor Day weekend.

He told me that the cost can be kept ultra low - hopefully like $5-10 per person. If we have 15 or fewer people, the cost will be higher, but more than 15 people and we can get by with a lower dollar amount. All of the money will go to the ISU coaches and players who instruct us; most of it is to reimburse them for gas. I am also checking to see if they have any ISU lax apparel for sale that they can bring with them.

The clinic is open to EVERYBODY including high school, youth, and adult players. It most likely will run for a couple of hours and the clinic will be set up as their players/coaches see fit. We tentatively plan to hold the clinic in West Des Moines at our usual practice fields. Contact me with questions! I plan on attending and I hope to see you there!

Addendum - May 11, 2009
After discussions this weekend, we will delay the clinic a couple of weeks. ISU's coach suggested that we attempt a joint clinic with Iowa's program to maximize the number of experienced players available to us. Ideally we will have at least one player per position (Attack, Middie, Defense, Goalie) between the two teams. This gives us the possibility for specialist training to improve our guys at all levels. The bad news is that a joint camp may drive up the cost by a few bucks, but that is mostly to cover the additional miles from Iowa City. At least we still plan to have the camp in Des Moines!
I am now in the process of trying to set up a combined clinic and will post the information ASAP.

Getting Things in Motion

First of all, let me apologize for not having anything up on Monday. It was a busy weekend for me with Valley winning both of their home games on Saturday and me heading to Minnesota all day on Sunday. I'm pretty sure that this was the first time that I missed a day since switching to an even-numbered day format.
The Summer Open Lacrosse League is starting to gain serious momentum. Overall the response to the polls have been better than expected this early on. Hopefully the SOLL (let's pronounce it soul, ok?) will prove to be an easy-to-manage success. It looks like most of us are on the same page, but we will find out for sure when the polls close on May 15, won't we? Remember that the SOLL will be open to anyone in high school or older (that includes adults), with current 8th graders possibly being allowed as well. There will be a mix of skill and we will try to make it fun and conducive to new players while keeping the games fairly competitive to experienced guys.
Interest in the Demons is still high, but a formal team will not be fielded in 2009. I expect that we will join the GPLL in 2010 with a competitive and organized team. We need one more year to get more people ready to play at that level. Anyone over 18 that is interested in playing competitive men's lacrosse this summer can contact me and I will give you the contact information for the Salt Creek Tiger Beetles (Lincoln's team).
Interest in a Saturday clinic seems pretty high so far. The poll results show that people are cool with any college lacrosse clinic in Des Moines this summer, except for the one guy that said he'd only attend if it was an ISU clinic. I'm sure the mystery voter will change his tune once the clinic is set up...
I sent emails about the clinic to all of the local college clubs yesterday. It's possible that we will end up with players from Iowa, ISU, Cornell College, and/or Dordt. From the poll results, it looks like we would be happy with a player from any of these clinics. For those of you that did not know, Dordt qualified for the GRLC D2 post season tournament. They later lost to Augustana College. As soon a I have confirmation from the college players, costs, dates, and locations, I will post it here!
Just as a reminder, Valley closes its season this Saturday at Waukee Stadium. The third game of the Iowa Lacrosse Rivalry against the River City Black Knights will be at 1:00 PM.

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