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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Embrace Change

Now that the Des Moines Demons logo has been officially announced, I will be changing a few things around here. First of all, I have updated the team's graphic link in the sidebar. Next I will be unveiling a new banner for the top of the Demons website. A slightly redesigned banner for this page will follow not too long after...
Some of the text and link colors on this site will be revised soon too. I've had the same thing going on for quite a while and think that maybe we need something new and fresh. I contemplated changing the background, but that could have dire consequences on some of my older posts. A radical make over is a future possibility because I may eventually do some spring cleaning in the archives...
Ideally I would like to recreate the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association website to be more similar to the Valley Tigers Lacrosse site. Imagine having a single easy-to-navigate site with all of our information clearly laid out. Hopefully that may come to pass in the next year or so. Maybe by the time CILA hits its anniversary...
Just like everybody else, I don't care much for ads on websites. However, I think that a couple of convenient and relevant ads are a good thing. I will keep the ads for Great Atlantic Lacrosse on the site and try to update them as new promotions or cooler graphics come along. I've decided to continue running Eurosport ads and may add link for other sports merchandise cites as well. However, all non-lax ads will be moved from the sidebar to the bottom of the page.
Because I believe in supporting our community, some local non lacrosse websites will soon have graphic links and advertisements on the sidebar. I feel that it is my duty to support my friends and neighbors, but I only endorse companies that I believe in and use. That said, I would be more than willing to consider throwing up an ad for people that support lacrosse in Des Moines.
Lastly, I am in the process of dumping my current links system. Right now the links are on a separate page. They will remain there until I figure out a suitable replacement system that does not clutter this page. One idea I have is linking directly to Valley's link page since most of the content is the same. Let me know what you think of that.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Iowa vs Iowa State

Getting home from Omaha around 11:45 on Saturday night, I was not sure I would be up to driving to Iowa City on Sunday morning. The weather was predicted to be overcast, windy and in the 50s. The possibility of rain loomed over the day. Still, I was anxious to watch our two largest universities on the lax field.

I woke up around 8:00 and my wife called our friends to confirm they were still going with us. After some breakfast, we left at 11:30 and made the boring trek to Iowa City. Gray skies and blustery winds began to make us weary of our journey.

Since I rarely go farther than Williamsburg, I didn't exactly know where I was going once we got to Corallville. The Hawkeye lax team's directions didn't exactly help things as some of their road names differed from the city's road signs. Luckily we got there about half an hour early; we needed that time to find the fields...

Fortunately the Iowa State vs Kansas State game just wrapped up as we finally made it to the fields. Thsi gave us time to get settled and use the rest room. I found out that ISU managed to beat KSU (although the MCLA website has not been updated with the result). The Hawkeyes also beat the Wildcats on Saturday.

Iowa State kicked things off early with three rapid goals and our section cheering madly. Then league-leader Alex De La Penna got a hold of the ball...

It was a tightly contested back and forth game which literally came down to the last second. In the final two minutes or so, the Cyclones were down by two and managed a tally to cut the lead in half. As the clock wound down, ISU drove to the net and ripped several quality shots which bounced off of posts and players. Their final shot was snatched by the keeper as the horn signaled the end of the game. The final score: Iowa 12, Iowa State 11

I took some pictures, but most were on our friends camera as our died in the first quarter. When I get a chance to see what I have, I will post them. The Hawks are done for the year and I wish the Cyclones luck as they wrap up their season next week.

Valley Lax Press Release



Surprisingly Successful Valley High School Lacrosse Club Looking Forward to Closing Their Inaugural Season in Waukee

After being played for centuries all over North America, lacrosse has finally made its way to Central Iowa. Following in the footsteps of ice hockey, lacrosse has arrived this year in the form of the Valley High School Lacrosse Club which will finish its inaugural season with three home games in May.

Tracing its origins to intramural programs at Valley and Waukee High Schools, the lacrosse club is comprised of players from both school districts. The West Des Moines School District provided funds for the team’s uniforms and earned naming recognition. The team is one of two Iowa-based teams competing in the Nebraska High School Lacrosse League (the other is the River City Black Knights from Council Bluffs.

Valley Lacrosse is currently enjoying an outstanding first season with a record of seven wins and one loss. Following two games in Omaha on Saturday, April 25, the team will finish its season at home. Due to scheduling conflicts at Valley Stadium, the lacrosse team will play its two games on Saturday, May 2 and single game on Saturday, May 9 at Waukee Stadium.

The Valley Lacrosse Club is an independent organization created to bring the sport to Des Moines’ western suburbs. The players and coaches enthusiastically support the growth of lacrosse in the Des Moines metro area and encourage anyone interested to check out the Valley Lacrosse website.

# # #

For more information about the Valley High School Lacrosse Club, please visit the Valley High School Lacrosse Club’s website.

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