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Friday, April 10, 2009

Another Round of MCLA Updates

Since the MCLA is the only college lacrosse we have in Iowa, I want to keep everyone updated. Last week I gave you a rundown on how everybody in our area is doing at the halfway point. This week I just want to give you some random information. Stats are generally updated weekly and posted on Monday, so this information is current as of April 6, 2009.

1. Iowa Attackman Alex De La Pena (Team Captain, Sophomore) leads the entire MCLA in points per game with an average of 6.27!!!! Nebraska's Scott Moyer (Senior, 5.38) and Sam Jura (Freshman, 4.88) come in at 6th and 16th overall, respectively. Kansas State's Jordan Smith ranks 22nd overall with 4.67.

2. Moyer ranks 2nd overall in goals per game with 4.50! KSU's Smith comes in 10th with 3.33. two more Wildcats, Matt Herring (Freshman) and Sean Berger (Junior) round out thetop 25 with 2.83 each.

3. De La Pena is 3rd overall in assists per game with 3.64. Jura is 5th with 3.25.

4. Kansas State's Andrew Doherty (Freshman) is 15th overall in Save Percentage.

5. Iowa's Nolan McGowan (Senior) is 14th is goals against average with a relatively low 6.11. Soherty is 16th with 6.17.

6. Sources have told me that Northwestern College has suspended its 2009 season. I do not know if it was due to finances, behavioral issues, or a general lack of participation. If anything develops, I will pass it along. It saddens me to hear that a local lax team is not playing.

7. Lindenwood (8) remains in the Adidas Top 23. Minnesota Duluth is not far behind them (9). Full rankings/polls are available here.

8. Although it is not MCLA lacrosse, the University of Wisconsin has a lacrosse team (three actually). They are a more traditional club program than the "Virtual Varisty" programs featured in the MCLA. Essentially they compete in the less formal Great Lakes Lacrosse League, which is a semicompetitive club league not restricted to college programs. There are significantly fewer academic requirements and time committments because of this. College bound players looking for more of a recreational opportunity should consider playing at one of the GLLL schools. Most of the Wisconsin system and several schools in Illinois participate. Check their site for more information.

As a reminder, we will be having a Toss Around tomorrow at Valley Southwoods. We will meet at noon!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Five! Five Dollar Footlongs!

Ok, I'm not really endorsing Subway here; that song is just stuck in my head!!!! But much like the ultra nummy sam'iches, we're hitting five.
That's right, this Saturday will be our fifth Central Iowa Lacrosse Association Toss Around! As always, we'll meet up at SouthWoods at NOON. Last week was a definite success with 16 people, most of them not on the Valley team, coming out to play Ultimate Lacrosse. Despite it being Easter weekend, I am hoping that we will see more of the same this Saturday! We may get both goals out to play full or half field light shooting game. Maybe we'll just get out one and play one team shooting on offense and one team scoring clears on defense; we did something like this during the third Toss Around and it was quite fun. Maybe we'll just play Ultimate again.
I've been impressed with all of the newcomers. Each seems to pick up passing and catching quicker than the last. At the rate we are going, it is possible that some version of the Des Moines Demons may arise this summer (click here for the full scoop on the team), even if it is only to play scrimmages against current GPLL teams. At any rate, it is beginning to look more and more like we will have a men's league (including high school players) this summer. Depending on numbers and the kind of commitments people are willing to make, we will either assign teams or just have a show up and play type of league. That will be decided as the time draws nearer.
I am open for your thoughts and opinions on that or any other matter anytime. As always, contact me with questions, concerns, or just to let me know you may need to borrow a stick at the Toss Around. I will do my best to arrange extra sticks, but I can't promise anything right now. In the meantime, Scheels had a selection of Warrior Outlaws and Punishers as of last Friday for around $35 each. Swing by and check them out. If you do not plan to attend this week, then you will have plenty of time to order one online before out next Toss Around.
This will be our last Toss Around before the end of Valley's season. Remind all of your friends and family that Valley has two home games on May 2 and one on May 9. I hope to see you there!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Forceful Winds Fail to Stop the Fourth Toss Around!

The weather in Des Moines has been nothing but batty so far in 2009. Way back when we did our first Toss Around on February 1, we hit about 50 degrees. A week later we did it again with even warmer temps. Then we hit a wall with a few weeks of frigid temps before getting our third Toss Around off the ground on March 14 in superb weather. When the Valley Lacrosse Club left Des Moines for Lincoln last Saturday, it was freaking snowing. On Sunday, I stripped down to shorts and t-shirt on the sideline and got a sunburn.
Since Valley had this weekend off, I carefully watched the weather reports for the first half of the week. By the time Wednesday rolled around, there was a consistent high in the 50s and a slim chance of rain being forecast for Saturday. I decided to officially announce the Fourth Toss Around under the condition that thunderstorms would prevent us from playing. When I woke up Saturday morning, things were fairly sunny and warm so I posted my confirmation that the Toss Around was a go.
Boy, did I ever make the right decision! It was slightly overcast, but I quickly got down to my lax shorts and a t-shirt and started working. I picked up some new (actually older model clearance) Nike cleats at Scheels (football to be specific) on Friday night after deciding that my low top soccer cleats were destroying my ankles and looked forward to breaking them in. At first only the two Couches, Ben and Hunter, were there. More and more people arrived as the day went on. Eventually Sam Lozada and Cam Bostwick finished their ACTs and joined us which brought the total up to 16!
After introducing ourselves and getting the basics of throwing and catching down, we moved over to the soccer fields (our lax field was being used by the womens' football team again). Dividing ourselves by shirt color (and splitting the four Valley players), we played some Ultimate Lacrosse. I know that most of us would have preferred to play a more traditional game, but it was a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I look forward to an even better turnout next week.
Not only was 16 our best turnout ever, but this week was also the first time that our adult players out numbered the Valley team in attendance. I have a strong feeling that we will be able to start some scrimmages in after the Valley season wraps up next month. As a reminder, Valley has home games at Waukee Stadium on May 2 & 9.
Interest in the Des Moines Demons keeps heating up and I have a feeling that we may actually be able to set up some scrimmages this summer! Because I think a cautious approach is best with our collective inexperience, I still plan on waiting to join the Great Plains Lacrosse League until 2010. In the meantime, I definitely plan to go forward with a pick up league this summer to help prepare us for 2010 (possibly a 2009 Fall Ball outing as well). We will continue to have Toss Around events; the next one is tentatively scheduled for next Saturday (April 11) at noon! There is a strong possibility that we will drag out the goals next week, but will most likely play a light contact (no pads helmets) game just to get more of the lax experience for the new players. Watch the Demons website this week for information about what kind of equipment interested players should order.
Thanks to Caleb and Michael for joining us again and for bringing new players. also thanks to all of the new guys this week (as I call it J"-Day"): Jack, Jake, James, Joey, Jason, and Mike. Plus everybody whose name I missed. I apologize; I'm terrible with names and the overload of J-names just about fried my brain. Please don't take it personally.

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