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Since the inception of the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association, we have recognized the need for certified lacrosse officials in Des Moines Area. Not only would local certified referees help out with Drake and Iowa State, but they could greatly facilitate expansion at the high school level.
This could be you!
 Luckily we are close to a few larger, more established lacrosse areas that have referee training programs available.
Registration for Lacrosse Officials Training Classes in Minnesota
There's a fair amount of complaining about officiating, so it's time for you to become part of the solution. Information on officials training is posted on the UMLOA website and registration is now open here.

A few notes:

•For all classes, register well in advance. There are online training components, some of which must be completed before your first in-person meeting, so don't wait until the last minute. LinkInformation on how to access the online training will be sent to you at least a week before your course begins. The full schedule and requirements can be found here.

•You can pay by mail-in check or by PayPal. To pay by PayPal, choose the mail-in check option and follow the directions given. Level 1 Registration is $149.00. Level 2 Registration is $99.00. Combined Levels 1 & 2 Registration is $199.00

•For Level 1, you must select one site for Level 1 Class #1 and one site for Level 1 Class #2 (for a total of 6 hours of in class training). You must also choose a site for on-field training.

•You will need to join US Lacrosse as a district 7 men's official (or renew your membership) prior to registration. If you have already renewed your membership but you are not a District 7 men's official, you will need to contact the US Lacrosse Membership Department.

•Basic uniform and equipment are included with Level 1 Training (but not Level 1 Re-certification). You will need your sock size, shirt size, and waist size to register for Level 1 Training.

Please contact head official Harold Buck or training coordinator Russ Ramsay with questions.

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