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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tribe 7 Lacrosse

Check out this new lacrosse company, Tribe 7. They are all about making great gear and selling it at the lowest prices possible. I've entered their initial drawing to get 20+ complete sticks for our program. Unlike most large giveaways, we are talking about titanium alloy sticks. Not too shabby...
Their prices are pretty awesome too. Being a small start up company, they are hoping to revolutionize lax through realistic prices and word of mouth advertising. Hopefully I'll have one of their sticks as soon as they become available (and the wife approves the purchase). Give them a look!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Minnesota Lax Tourney

The Lakeville, Minnesota South High School Boys Lacrosse Booster Club is sponsoring a lacrosse tournament, the Lakeville Pan-O-Prog Lacrosse Classic, this July 11tth and 12th. For details see our website. The tournament is open to boys and girls grades 5 through adult.

We would love to see Iowa teams join our tournament.

I wanted to pass this along to get an idea of who might be interested. It is $475 per team; all players must be US Lacrosse members. They play by NFHS rules which means full LACROSSE pads. Their roster rules:
  1. No player may compete, or be rostered, on more than one team during the tournament. Any team with a player in violation of this rule will forfeit all games in which the player is known to have competed and forfeit the opportunity to advance to the playoff round.
  2. Any player that has competed in High School (Fresh/Soph, JV or Varsity) must compete in a High School division.
  • Use of Illegal Players: The players listed on the roster at the time the roster is submitted are the only players eligible to play.
  • False Information: Information provided to Pan-O-Prog Lacrosse Classic on your entry form is the basis for division breakdowns. Any false information is grounds for disqualification.

  • The deadline for the deposit and application is 6/1. I think that it would be a good experience for Valley, but it might be worthwhile for the adults too. Unfortunately we probably don't have enough. Please feel free to discuss this...

    The Importance of Major League Lacrosse -part 1

    Pro sports make the US great. We have a virtual buffet when it comes to the professional ranks with everything from Major League Baseball to minor league hockey. For every NBA, there is a WBA; numerous leagues like the NAFL with NFL aspirations; a tiered minor league hockey system from the SPHL all the way to the NHL; an entire soccer pyramid comprised of many levels under the MLS; and countless levels and leagues of Minor League Baseball complimenting MLB.
    Of course we have the NCAA, NAIA, and other college sports organizations to give more athletes a chance to play and for fans to enjoy. While some may argue that the competition is more exciting and meaningful in college sports, no one can deny that the level of play is far superior at the pro level. Plus, as great as college sports may be not every player is suited to go to college. Scholarships are limited as well and players are not able to earn financial or material compensation for playing college athletics. If college sports were the top point in athletics, the number of participants would decrease dramatically.
    For proof, consider some of the biggest names in pro sports right now: LeBron James did not attend college. He went straight from high school to the NBA. Sidney Crosby played junior hockey in his native Canada before joining the Pittsburgh Penguins. Freddy Adu starting playing in the MLS at age 14! All three chose to play professional sports with fairly large paychecks rather than attempt financial aid to play at the college level. Many more examples could be drawn from most of the pro leagues, even though some may be stuck in the minors.
    Why should lacrosse be any different?
    Dave Morrow (founder of Warrior), Jake Steinfeld (Body by Jake), and a few other investors founded Major League Lacrosse in 1999. Play began in 2001 with six teams. The uniforms were gaudy at first and the league distanced itself the college game by adding the orange "grippy" ball, a shot clock, and the infamous two point arc. Some contend that the latter two changes degrade the game and make it too far removed from "pure" lacrosse. Others contend that the changes make MLL a more exciting brand of lacrosse on par with the top leagues in other sports (the NHL has rules that do not exist in college & junior hockey like the trapezoid). The shot clock tends to be the more popular of the two because it prevents slow-down offenses like the scheme run at Princeton. Action and high scores typically go over well with American audiences; these changes aimed to meet that criteria.
    Despite the controversy of the new rules, MLL began to find an audience. Fans began to rally around teams and highly skilled college players (except for Mikey Powell) eagerly joined the player pool. As more talent flooded the league, the need for expansion became apparent. In 2006 the league added four teams to create a new western division. Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and San Fransisco were chosen among the many contending cities. Having professional laxers in town sparked further development at the youth level in the new cities. With a nationwide footprint, the league looked be a strong force in the future of the sport.
    Only a couple of hurdles remained for the sport and the league to really take off...

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Tomorrow Night Opens Our SOLL!!!!

    I'm excited! Are you excited?
    Having no lacrosse to play or coach for the last week and a half sucked!!! Sure there was plenty to watch on TV with the MCLA Championships and all, but I think that just made me want to play even more.
    Luckily the Summer Open Lacrosse League starts tomorrow night. Weather permitting (ya never know this time of year!) we will get going at 5:30 at Southwoods. We'll play until the sun goes down or until we just don't have enough guys, whichever comes first. Don't feel like you have to show up at 5:30 - that's the official start time, but this is a pick up league. Still it would be nice to have some people there to help set things up so we can start ASAP. As for me, I'll get there as early as a I can, but I'll probably be late (I work downtown and pick up my wife at 5).
    Remember, we'll also meet on Saturday at 11:30 AM! I should be on time or early for that one! We'll plan on these times weekly (weather permitting) until we decide a change would benefit the group.

    Monday, May 18, 2009

    2009 Major League Lacrosse ESPN2 Schedule

    ESPN2 will telecast 11 MLL games this season, including eight regular season games, the MLL All-Star Game, the first Semi-Final Game and the New Balance Championship Game. All live games will be aired in high definition on ESPN2.
    Joe Beninati and Quint Kessenich will call all 11 games. Referee microphones will give viewers an inside, intense look at the action taking place on the field. The 2009 MLL telecast schedule kicks off on May 21 with the Long Island Lizards hosting the Washington Bayhawks at 11:30 p.m. ET. On June 25, The Toronto Nationals, the newest MLL team, will travel to Boston to face the Cannons in the first live telecast of the season. The complete 2009 MLL telecast schedule is below.

    Date / Teams / Time (Central)
    Thursday, May 21 / Washington at Long Island / 10:30 PM
    Thursday, June 4 / Toronto at Washington / 8:30 PM
    Thursday, June 25 / Toronto at Boston / 6:00 PM
    Tuesday, July 7 / Boston at Denver / 1:00 PM
    Tuesday, July 14 / Boston at Long Island / 1:00 PM
    Thursday, July 16 / All-Star Game / 9:00 PM
    Tuesday, July 28 / Long Island at Denver / 1:00 PM
    Tuesday, August 4 / Chicago at Washington / 1:00 PM
    Tuesday, August 11 /Denver at Toronto / 1:00 PM
    Saturday, August 22 / Semi-Final #1 / 11:00 AM
    Sunday, August 23 / New Balance Championship / 12:00 PM
    -Bold indicates live games in HD-

    Tribe 7