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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Duke Dropping Brine Next Year?

How is this for a bold prediction?

Duke Lacrosse will drop Brine (New Balance) as their official equipment, helmet, uniform, and shoe supplier within the next 7-12 months. They will switch to Nike shoes and uniforms, as well as Nike and possibly STX equipment. There is a high probability that Cascade will supply their helmets going forward.
The school's athletic department signed and exclusive contract with Nike in 2009. Current contracts are running their course, but all are set to expire within two years of the signing date. As the summertime is most colleges' "off season," it is most likely that this contract was signed between May and August of 2009. Expect an announcement or official mock ups around then.
My speculation is rooted in this article:

In 2009, Duke's athletics department signed a contract with Nike Inc., giving the apparel giant exclusive rights to supply all twenty-six varsity teams with uniforms, shoes, and other equipment. Before each season, a Nike representative contacts a team's coach to present various options for the look of that season's gear.
Before the Nike contract was signed, each coach ordered from his or her own manufacturer, and some of those agreements will remain in place for the next two years.

Just remember that you heard it from me first!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hockey Night In Iowa 2010 Edition - Game 16

Irwins is back in action tonight at 8:35 pm. We return from Thanksgiving break with what should be a gimme game. Funky Pickle sits just ahead of us in the standings, but they are the only team in the league that has not beaten us.
My hopes are high for tonight. A victory following the week off could spark our energy enough to start a streak. Still, we'll take this one game at a time and focus on defeating the Pickles tonight. This is our opportunity to climb up the ladder a bit.

Tribe 7