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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hockey Night in Iowa 2010 Edition - Game 21

Due to an oversight and illness, I did not give a preview of last week's ABC Hockey League. This makes two weeks straight that I did not make it to hockey, having missed the week of Christmas due to holiday obligations. I am happy to report that my teammates defeated Alien in a shootout on December 23. Unfortunately they lost 9-4 to YDD last week.
Tonight we face the unpredictable Funky Pickle. You may remember that I predicted a win last time only to see us destroyed 14-1. However, the explosive Dane Maxwell has returned from Europe to strengthen our offense and provide some depth on the bench. The 7:45 start time may also help us as we are the oldest (aka early fatigue) team in the league.
At least I know that I am rested and ready to fire at will on Pickle goalie Tony Hansen. I imagine that most of our team is as well. Taking a bold step in spite of our last meeting, I am predicting a three goal victory for Irwins tonight.

Tribe 7