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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Iowa at ISU

Yeah, yeah, you know the annual game is this Saturday in Ames and kicks off at 11:00 am. You probably know that after the teams' openers, this could be anyone's ballgame. While I am sure UNI is significantly better than North Dakota State, the Cyclones definitely looked better than the Hawkeyes last week. A top 25 FBS team should fare well against a FCS regardless of who it is; no matter how good UNI is in their division of football, Iowa should have destroyed them.
What does that mean for a game that often defies the teams' records on a yearly basis? Not much. Regardless, the game should be awesome. I am calling the Cyclones by three.
More important to my mission of spreading lax across the state is the game taking place Saturday evening. ISU is hosting Iowa at 5:00 pm. This fall ball game is meaningless in the bigger picture. It does, however, provide the first glimpse of the teams newest players. Will former Valley players Luc Jacobs (Iowa) and Ben Couch (ISU) suit up for Saturday's game? A fall game would be the best time to try them out...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Coming soon...

Mike Judge has a new movie coming out soon. It is called Extract and is closer to Office Space than Idiocracy. This trailer might be the best marketing campaign ever. Check it out.

FSU vs Miami

When I was younger, I loved Florida State University. Part of it, no doubt, was the shared color scheme with my high school. As I got older, I followed the 'Noles less and less in favor of the Florida Gators. Technically, I can cheer for both teams most of the time as they are in different conferences (ACC and SEC, respectively). The one thing that has not changed is my utter hatred for the Miami Hurricanes.
Last night's game was the latest chapter in a series of spectacular season openers between the ACC foes. I do not have much time this morning, but let's just say that if you missed the game, you missed an instant classic. The back and forth game had at least six lead changes and a very high score.
Without watching, one would assume that defense was a mere afterthought. In reality the defenses for both teams were very tight and productive; the fourth quarter interception by FSU was returned for a touchdown. Against most teams, the defenses would have looked better on the final score sheet. In this game, both defenses fought against extremely high powered and potent offenses.
In the end the unranked Hurricanes defeated the number 16 Seminoles 38-34. But the fans were the real winners...

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