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Thursday, August 12, 2010

CILA Summer League Playoff Cancellation Effects

Due to the decision to cancel the playoffs yesterday, next week's games will be the final and consolation games only.*
A few ideas were kicked around to make up last night's games, but none seemed satisfactory given the narrow time frame we are working with. The last attempt to make up games on a Monday night failed miserably. Having a team play more than one game in a single night is too difficult with the limited sunlight. Unfortunately, we have to wrap up next week due to players leaving for college and other conflicts.
It should be surprising to no one that Lightning Wear is in first place with an unbeaten record. Wellspring Parable is in second place and Clark Physical Therapy is in third. Although Clark has the better goal differential, Wellspring is higher due to the teams' head-to-head record of 2:1. Bringing up the rear is Mi Casa Rustic Furniture.
Next Week's Games:
Consolation Game - 5:45 - Clark PT vs Mi Casa Rustic Furntiure
Championship Game - 6:45 - Lightning Wear vs Wellspring Parable
The good news is that I plan to have an actual trophy for the winning team to hoist.** The trophy will be awarded and held until next season where at least the core of the championship team will remain together to defend their title. The winning team will also have their picture posted on the CILA website and this blog.
*I am highly disappointed that we had to take this action and will be working to figure out a better system and schedule next summer. I am open to suggestions.
**Thanks Pam!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer League Canceled Tonight - No Make Up

Due to the heat, the unexpected absence of players & goalies due to road closings and floodings, and concerns over potential field damage, tonight's CILA Summer League Playoff games are canceled. There will be no make up as we have to wrap up next week. The updated info will be posted on the CILA site ASAP when I get home.
If I don't respond to your text or call, it's because my phone died. Busy busy messy day.

Oh, and just for Shelton: The real reason we canceled was so that I would not have to be on the recieving end of a massive ass whoopin' from Lightning Wear.

CILA Summer League Predictions - Playoffs

After nine weeks of competition, the playoffs are upon us. The inaugural Central Iowa Lacrosse Association Summer League looks like a success. We have had several close games with only a couple of blowouts. One team has gone undefeated and one team failed to win a game on its own. But that is all behind us now as we head into the final two weeks.
Tonight's playoff will pit the first place team against the last place team and second place against third place. The winners will face off next Wednesday for the league championship. Make it or break lax starts tonight.

Game 1 - 5:45 - #2 Clark Physical Therapy vs #3 Wellspring Parable
Last week Clark Physical Therapy shot ahead of Wellspring thanks to a favorable goal differential. In head-to-head meetings, the Young Guns hold the edge over Drake Lite. However, Clark beat Wellspring in their last meeting.
Both Zielonko and Nielsen plan to be on the field for the Young Guns. Both have the ability to take control of the game and can help pad the back of the net. The absence of their leadership was clearly felt in last week's loss to Lightning Wear. The biggest known losses are the Tornberg brothers; Will is still recovering from a broken arm and Jamie is out due to dental issues. This leaves Dirk Arends and Kurt Sundermann as the anchors on defense. Both played strong last week and have a strong physical presence. Between them, Clark's Ripchinski should be less of a factor. Finding a third man among their ranks with the speed and ability to mark on Clark's strong middies could prove to be the key.
Clark has taken a turn for the better as the team has picked up experienced newcomers in Ladd and Berg. With an already strong core, these two increased the speed and shot power of the midfield and turned Clark into a force to be reckoned with. Shoff captains the team from the defense and has a nice complement of poles at his aid. Ripchinski and Jacobs have been dominating factors at attack all season. The transition game will be Clark's best weapon.
This game will be decided in the midfield. The battle between Zielonko/Nielsen and Berg/Ladd looks fairly even; meaning the supporting players will play a strong role. Wellspring has the talent, but I'm giving the edge to Clark due to the experience. Ysenko, Brandenberg, and Reeb are simply bigger and more experienced than Straw, Oberender, and Delsol.
Prediction: Clark Physical Therapy by three.

Game 2 - 6:45 - #1 Lightning Wear vs #4 Mi Casa Rustic Furniture
How many times did I predict a Lightning Wear loss this season? The Bolts responded to every prediction the same way - by beating their opponent. They have proven themselves to be an unstoppable force all season. With a strong mix of speed, power, and size, Lightning Wear has established themselves as the most likely league champion. With Valley's starting goalie, attack, midfield, and two of its captains combing with other varsity players and a compliment of experienced adult players, this team was certifiably lethal from Day One. Nothing has stopped the Bolts yet and they enter tonight's game doubting that a struggling Mi Casa team will be more than a minor headache.
It is no secret that Mi Casa has struggled all season. Despite having strong players, we have failed to connect on offense far too often. The transition game has been our enemy all season. Tonight we walk onto the field knowing that all of our previous failings could be wiped away with a single upset win. This puts a lot of pressure on a team that seems to panic. But we have managed close scores in several encounters and have the potential to win. Our biggest issue tonight will be personnel: who will be available and where will they play? If we are lucky enough to have all four d-poles, most of our mids (Van Dyke is out), with Johnston and Kaufmann at attack, we will stand a great chance securing the upset. Even missing a few pieces of the puzzle should be okay as long as we manage to maintain possession. Tonight we enter knowing that our entire season comes down to this one game.
Prediction: Lightning Wear is the unstoppable force and immovable object; they win by two.

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