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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My New Stuff and the Holidays

I have not forgotten about my new stuff from Great Atlantic Lacrosse. I got it last week and have already worn the free hoodie and used the Warrior Kryptolyte shaft. Pictures have been taken; I just have not had time to post them yet. The last two weeks have been extremely busy.

Hopefully by this weekend I can get a post up with my new gear and a breakdown of the prices. I will say that I have to send back two things I ordered because of poor fit. I ordered a Maverik t-shirt because it looked awesome only to be disappointed when I got it. Even though it was a cotton shirt to wear regularly, it fit tighter than my (smaller size) Under Armour compression shirts. Not attractive on a big frame (and overweight) guy like me...

On a side note, the Kryptolyte is awesome. I threw my a Tribe 7 Savage 7 Sling Shute on it. Plays like a dream. Score from distance - well as much distance as you can get in box - with power. Highly recommend this combo. I'll throw up a pick of the complete stick too.

In the spirit of Jesus' birthday, I give you this: Merry Christmas!
Ps. Sorry I forgot to post for Hanukkah this year. Again, I have been very busy and missed it. Sorry. Happy belated Hanukkah!

Tribe 7