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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Although the team is at least two seasons away at this point, I have added a poll to get an idea of a suitable team name. My initial thoughts are to tie into the local sports community and wear red as a primary color. All of the professional and semi-pro teams in Des Moines wear red. Here is a breakdown:
Chops: Black, Red, Gray
I-Cubs: Blue, Red, White
Barnstormers: Black, Gold, Red
Bucs: Red, White, Blue
Energy: Orange, Purple, Red (there is a stripe on the uniforms and it is listed as an official color)
Menace: Black, Red
Des Moines Rugby: Blue, White, Red
I am thinking black and red for most of the suggested names. Obviously the "Flood" would wear blue and no red. If anyone has any other suggestions, post a comment below.

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