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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Upcoming Local Sports

It's that time of year again - Des Moines' pro (and junior league) winter sports teams are getting into full swing.

The Chops and Bucs have already started playing. The pigs are have started the season stronger than the Stars ever did and have proved to be far more entertaining than the green and gold were. Fights and goals abound. I love it. I have yet to hit the Madhouse on Hickman this year, but I plan to catch at least one Bucs game before Christmas. It just depends on how my schedule works out. Maybe my attendance will bring them out of their slump...
The Energy are about ready to take the court at Wells Fargo Arena. Better fill up on turkey because the purple and orange hit the hardwood on the day after Thanksgiving. As a rule, I am not a big fan of basketball. I am a 5' 10" white guy; "White Men Can't Jump" perfectly describes me on the court.

On the high school level, the Oak Leafs look to defend their back-to-back hockey championships and the Capitals look to get into the mix. Both teams are highly regarded in the Midwest High School Hockey League and feature a ton of local talent from many area schools. Don't forgot about the annual Turkey Cup between the two teams on Tuesday, November 25.

Outside of Des Moines, the Iowa State and Iowa hockey teams are rolling along too. The Cyclones are off to a great start in their new Reebok jerseys and crappy "I-State" logo. The "Black" Hawks have started lousy, but the "Gold" Hawks are on a roll.
I know they are outside of Iowa, but the Swarm's 2009 NLL season is just around the corner as well. The blue bugs have the potential to rock the east, but must look out for the Rochester Knighthawks and their latest acquisition, Gary Gait.

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