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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lacrosse Movie

Here is some updated info on the Lacrosse Movie I mentioned before. This comes from an ESPN interview with Kyle Harrison:

ESPN RISE: What's the movie called and what is it about?

Kyle Harrison: The film is called Warriors, and its about a lacrosse playing kid from the west coast, who has to move to the east coast because his father gets transferred (military), and has to find his way there. Going from being the best player on the west coast to the east coast where each team is filled with extremely talented kids is definitely a transition, not to mention the social change as well. Its an interesting story, and as a lacrosse player, its exciting because for the first time the entire film is about a lacrosse playing kid! There are a few scenes with Native Americans playing the game in upstate NY that will be very powerful.

ER: That's a pretty intense storyline I like it. What is your roll in and with the movie exactly?

KH: I, along with Xander Ritz, am in charge of choreographing all of the lacrosse scenes and making it look as authentic as possible. Fortunately, we have got a pretty good group of players, so we have just got to come up with some exciting plays. We also get to work with wardrobe and props to make sure everything looks the part.

ER: who are you working with? Anyone else or just Xander Ritz?

KH: I work mostly with Xander on the lacrosse portion of the film.

ER: What is the most fun part of being part of a movie for you so far?

KH: For me the best part thus far has been just being a part of the whole thing. It's a fun process to watch unfold. There are so many different things that have to come together in order to get the final product, and its fun to watch, and learn about each piece. It's also been great working with and meeting great people.

ER: when will the movie be released?

KH: I think they are shooting for the weekend of the final four, but well see.

ER: So, we have to ask for our celebrity-watching crowd… anyone we know in it? Celebrities or lacrosse players we would know?

KH: Yeah, there are a few I think. As far as actors/actresses go, Ashley Greene (Twilight) and Kellen Lutz (90210) are two of the bigger names in the film, but there are more I'm sure. There will definitely be some lacrosse guys in there playing that you know, but I'm not sure which ones quite yet! Stay tuned here; well have to do a follow up! You'll see my skinny legs running around in some of the action scenes, as well as some other guys like Jimmy Borrel, Xander and Max Ritz, Brett Moyer and other MLL guys.

ER: That sounds like a pretty good cast man. How did you get involved?

KH: Marty Dugard ( writers/producer) gave me a call and asked me to be involved. Seems like lacrosse has opened SO many doors and this is just another GREAT opportunity that lacrosse has allowed me to be involved in.

ER: So you said we might see you in some scenes, what exactly will you be doing on screen?

KH: Not going to tell you exactly what I'm doing, but yes, you'll see me in there.

Stay tuned as we keep up with Kyle Harrison and his adventure into Hollywood and the start of a lacrosse movie that will hopefully make up for the portrayal in American Pie. We as lacrosse fans, players, and coaches can't have that be our one cinematic memory.

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