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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tomorrow Night Opens Our SOLL!!!!

I'm excited! Are you excited?
Having no lacrosse to play or coach for the last week and a half sucked!!! Sure there was plenty to watch on TV with the MCLA Championships and all, but I think that just made me want to play even more.
Luckily the Summer Open Lacrosse League starts tomorrow night. Weather permitting (ya never know this time of year!) we will get going at 5:30 at Southwoods. We'll play until the sun goes down or until we just don't have enough guys, whichever comes first. Don't feel like you have to show up at 5:30 - that's the official start time, but this is a pick up league. Still it would be nice to have some people there to help set things up so we can start ASAP. As for me, I'll get there as early as a I can, but I'll probably be late (I work downtown and pick up my wife at 5).
Remember, we'll also meet on Saturday at 11:30 AM! I should be on time or early for that one! We'll plan on these times weekly (weather permitting) until we decide a change would benefit the group.

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