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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adidas Lacrosse

I don't have any pics because I am not technically savvy enough to figure out how to snag them off of the new Adidas Lacrosse Site.

While I am not ready to sing its praises, the second generation gear looks significantly better than the original line. I am not sure if the company itself took an active role this time around (a third party created the first generation under license), but a lot more trademark Adidas technology (ClimaCool, ClimaLite, etc) worked its way into the line. Everything definitely looks more unique and usable than before. Their patent-pending vented cuff is an idea so stupidly brilliant that I am surprised nobody else did it.

While the gloves look legit, I would definitely hold off until some third party reviews pop up. The same goes for the elbow pads. However, I am interested in the shoulder pads as they look like an improved version of the Brine Rhinoskin. Having several detachable and customizable pads on a ClimaCool shirt sounds great for the SOLL...

If I get a chance to score some gear or at least find an honest review, I will pass along the performance specs.

By the way, the old site still has the first generation of Adidas Lax gear on display.

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