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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wow Some Lax News!

First off, CILA will not have regularly scheduled Saturdays. With Valley practicing twice a week and playing in the Summer Open Lacrosse League on Thursday nights, they are just too busy for Saturday mornings. Plus, overall attendance at the Saturday morning sessions has been down. If enough people contact me about playing then I will schedule a session or two.

That said, we will have a Toss Around next Saturday (8/29) at 10:30 AM. As always, it will be at Valley Southwoods. Pads will not be required. Invite your friends so we can introduce them to the game!

The first game of the Major League Lacrosse Championship Weekend went as I predicted - Denver defeated Boston in a close game. After Rabil and the Cannons built up a large lead early in the second half, Josh Sims scored three back-to-back goals to bring the Outlaws back into the game. In what was arguably one of the most exciting MLL games of the season (possibly of all time), Denver came back to win 11-10 in a real nail biter.

The other game was not televised. Unfortunately this was a great loss for lax fans as it also turned out to be a close and exciting game. In the end Toronto managed to outscore my Lizards, winning 14-13.

I stand by my prediction for tomorrow: Denver by two. Given the intensity and talent that Toronto brings, the championship should be as exciting as today's game. It will be aired live on ESPN at noon (Iowa time) tomorrow (8/23).

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