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Friday, October 16, 2009

Box Lax - Coming Together

I have almost everybody's money for the inaugural box lacrosse season. A couple of people contacted me yesterday so i know their cash is coming in. A couple more are question marks. Aside from the people I talked to yesterday, the league still has room for a few more field players. If you are interested, contact me ASAP and complete the registration info. If you have mailed your payment and have not contacted me or been contacted by me, it is essential that you let me know it has been sent. I plan to turn off the Paypal on Sunday night and will return all late registrations once the league is full...
For everybody that has paid: I plan to email the preliminary schedule and possibly the rosters by the end of the weekend. I have to do some tweaking due to winter break for the college kids, but the number of games will remain unchanged. The rosters are still beign finalized for the Demons & Valley. We are trying to decide if we should split the high schoolers and adults between the teams or not. Feedback?

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