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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cold Days = Hot Deals

Everyone that really knows me know that I only endorse companies and products I trust and enjoy. Sure there are several ads below and not all of them are companies I do a great deal of business with, but they are all highly reputable. A few of the advertisers like Total Hockey,
Top Skate & Surf Brands at
, &
are stores that I either frequent now or heavily frequented in the past (online or in person). All of them have proven to be safe reliable, and timely. I have had nothing but good experiences with any of them.
Over the past year, the bulk of my online shopping has been done at a single website:
Most of my lax gear has come from Great Atlantic Lacrosse and every time I order I have been extremely happy. Many items feature user ratings and reviews; these are usually pretty accurate and helpful. The standard ground shipping (free for Club Lax members for all orders of $100 or more placed by 12/31/2009) usually skews toward the minimum - my items usually arrive within three business days. There are also all kinds of great deals and free stuff (free Brine Hoodie for all Club Lax orders over $100 through Christmas - code 396912).

I went shopping yesterday with some cash I received for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. My order came to $217.91 but I only paid $136.93 after taking advantage of several deals, including the free Hoodie. And I got free shipping!

While I am not going to post my entire order (yet), one of the items I picked up was a new shaft. Not just any shaft, but a Warrior Kryptolyte (30 inch). This bad boy is the 2008 model and is currently on clearance for $39.99; Club Lax members pay $29.99. Compare that with the original price - and 2009 model's price - of $89.99. A savings of $60 on one of the best shafts of all time? Yes please. I ordered chrome, but the Kryptolytes are also available in Maroon, Blue, Orange, and Green. The Warrior logo design and color is the only difference between the 2008 and 2009 models. Sadly there are no d-poles on clearance...
No doubt the Kryptolyte was the best deal of the day for me, but I feel pretty good about my other purchases as well. Once everything comes in (Wednesday according to UPS), I will get some pics and post them. In the meantime check out Great Atlantic Lacrosse and get shopping!

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