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Monday, October 26, 2009

Tribe 7 Lacrosse Sticks

Check it out. This is the Savage 7 head and Thunder Shaft from Tribe 7 Lacrosse. The complete package (complete with Jimalax hard mesh) is known as the Thunder Stick and costs a mere $49.99. Considering most 7075 titanium alloys (Brine F22 & Swizzle, Reebok 7K Zendium, etc.) cost more than $80 without a head, this is a steal!After receiving the sticks, I gave one to Coach Zach as a token of my appreciation for all he has done to get me involved with Valley and for teaching me the game. I know that the local lax scene would not be where it is today without his help. Neither of us could decide which stick we like better (the neon is uber bad ass is person); ultimately my wife chose the black stick for me.
All of the pictures were taken the night that I got the sticks in the mail. I took more pics of the neon mesh because it showed up better on camera. The details make this an odd looking stick, but its specs conform to both the current NFHS and 2010 NCAA rules. This makes the Thunder Stick an even better value. To order one, visit Tribe 7 Lacrosse today.
I got these on October 9. I apologize for not getting the pictures up sooner, but I have had some stuff on my plate.

Tribe 7