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Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture?

This picture was taken from the current Nike Team Catalog. I features a model wearing the new Backbreaker uniform, which debuted late last season. Virginia wore the uniform in last year's championship tournament.
The problems with this photo are unbelievable. This creates the perception that Nike has no clue about lax despite being one of the leaders in the uniform biz and a recent player in the equipment biz. Right away I questioned why he is not wearing Nike gloves and pads, but decided that they may not have been ready at the time of the shoot, despite the Zoom shaft and Dunk head.

Here is what I noticed right away:
  1. Johns Hopkins logo on the gloves. Seriously?
  2. Outdated K18 gloves. These gloves had all but been phased out by this time last year. i understand that the new K18s may not have been ready, but G22s or Cells would have worked. Ideally he would be wearing Huaraches...
  3. Nike cleats from three seasons ago.
  4. CLH2 helmet. Seriously?
  5. Black helmet with navy uniform. Name a D1 program that would do that.
  6. Are those STX Chopper pads?
Please add anything else that you see.

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