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Thursday, June 24, 2010

CILA Summer League - Week 4 Update

Last night was a pick up night due to the planned absence of several players for various reasons. Although not planned, I was also gone last night due to some personal business that arose yesterday. Mi Casa's goalie, Jim Burk, kindly provided me a recap of the night for those of you not in attendance:
We had a good time and a great turnout. I think there was someone from every team. We had enough people to play two team's and had a couple of subs. I got to play defense the whole time. I was happy. I probably wasn't doing it right, but had fun doing it. Hunter played attack and scored a couple of goal's. The team's were pretty even. No one got hurt but Cam. He rolled his ankle. Hopefully he'll be OK for
Vail. The grass was even cut for us.

Next week we will resume our normally scheduled games. Some adjustments have been made to account for last night. Mi Casa Rustic Furniture (light) plays Clark Physical Therapy (dark) at 5:45 and Wellspring Parable (light) plays Lightning Wear (dark) at 6:45. Check the current schedule for more information.
The jerseys are on their way. Unfortunately FedEx is having issues with its tracking system. Over the last couple of days, I have seen today, tomorrow, and Saturday listed as potential delivery dates. Most companies I have ordered from use UPS, so I am unfamiliar with FedEx's processes. Still, everything indicates that I will have the jerseys in time for our fourth week of actual games.

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