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Thursday, August 12, 2010

CILA Summer League Playoff Cancellation Effects

Due to the decision to cancel the playoffs yesterday, next week's games will be the final and consolation games only.*
A few ideas were kicked around to make up last night's games, but none seemed satisfactory given the narrow time frame we are working with. The last attempt to make up games on a Monday night failed miserably. Having a team play more than one game in a single night is too difficult with the limited sunlight. Unfortunately, we have to wrap up next week due to players leaving for college and other conflicts.
It should be surprising to no one that Lightning Wear is in first place with an unbeaten record. Wellspring Parable is in second place and Clark Physical Therapy is in third. Although Clark has the better goal differential, Wellspring is higher due to the teams' head-to-head record of 2:1. Bringing up the rear is Mi Casa Rustic Furniture.
Next Week's Games:
Consolation Game - 5:45 - Clark PT vs Mi Casa Rustic Furntiure
Championship Game - 6:45 - Lightning Wear vs Wellspring Parable
The good news is that I plan to have an actual trophy for the winning team to hoist.** The trophy will be awarded and held until next season where at least the core of the championship team will remain together to defend their title. The winning team will also have their picture posted on the CILA website and this blog.
*I am highly disappointed that we had to take this action and will be working to figure out a better system and schedule next summer. I am open to suggestions.
**Thanks Pam!

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