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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hockey Night In Iowa 2010 Edition - Game 17

Boy, last week was a classic example of a disaster. In what should have been a surefire win over Funky Pickle, Irwins humiliated ourselves with a 14-1 loss. Out lone goal came in the closing minutes from one of defensemen - also one of our oldest players - Rick Radcliff. This loss firmly cements us in the league's basement. We have not had a win since squeaking by the same Funky Pickle team 5-4 on October 20!
Tonight we face a major uphill struggle against the Puck Hawgs. A fellow cellar dweller last season, the Hawgs are now tied for first place with my former team, Cup O Kryptonite. Backed by the league's best goalie, Justin Hillock, our scorelines have been lopsided to say the least. The lone goal in our last defeat to the Hawgs came prior to Hillock's on-ice arrival. Yes, you read that correctly; Hillock was running behind in the locker room and the Hawgs played with six skaters and no goalie for the first four minutes or so - and we only managed one measly goal.
As we have the 9:55 start time tonight, we are expecting Pentico to be in net. Pentico has shown more resolve than Daniels of late. We are hopeful that his presence will boost the team's morale at least enough to be competitive.

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