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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hockey Night in Iowa 2010 Edition - Game 22

Last week the Irwins hockey team found victory against the upstarts from Funky Pickle. I predicted a three goal game, but am happy to report that we won by five!!! The most amazing thing is not that I actually scored last week, but how I scored:
I took a wobbly shot on a breakaway. Hansen deflected it. As I circled behind the net I noticed the puck sitting unguarded just a foot away from the right post. A Pickle defender stood inches away but made no movements toward the biscuit. I reached out and aimed for Hansen's five hole. One deflection off the back of his leg later, the puck landed safely over the line.

Tonight we face the Puck Hawgs. The porkies have manhandled us all season thanks to the top goaltender in the league. But we should face them with a fairly complete team for the first time this season. We plan to put a dent into Hillock's 2.57 GAA tonight...

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