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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Des Moines New Colors

Now that we have our winner, it's time to get a color scheme going. The top poll has the list of colors under consideration for the Des Moines Demons. Pick as many as you want and the top four will be the colors used. The poll will close two weeks after New Year's Eve (January 14), so get cracking!

If you are designing a logo with different colors, no worries. I am taking whatever submissions you are willing to give me. In the event that two clashing colors (red and maroon or navy and black) are selected, I will choose the one with more votes. I will not mix shades of similar colors (like Royal and Navy, Royal and Sky, Vegas Gold and Yellow), but complimentary shades like Navy and Sky will work. The exception would be if somebody produces something amazing with those types of colors. Also, I will not put red and green together...

Have fun.

Tribe 7