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Monday, December 1, 2008

Introducing the Des Moines...

The results are in and the winner of the "Name the Great Plains Lacrosse Team" has been declared. With 35% of the votes, Des Moines Demons was chosen as the team's name. To celebrate this, I want to put the new team logo up on the page. In fact, I want the logo in the page's header!

To that end, I am requesting submissions for a logo design. You choose the style of the graphic and/or text logos! Specify which designs are for helmets, which are for jerseys, which are for fan wear, and which can be used anywhere. Do it up right. Just please avoid using copyrighted material as maybe one day in the near future we will be using this on a helmet, jersey, and fan wear.

The submission contest will be open until January 15, 2009 to allow plenty of time with the upcoming holiday season. Once all of the submissions are received, I will post them in a poll so we can pick the winner. The winner will receive credit on this site (no monetary rewards at this point, sorry). Once the ball gets rolling on the team and program, considerations will be made (logo adorned helmet, jersey, shirt, etc.), depending on the team's financial ability and the winner's desires.
To submit your artwork, send me an email with the image attached. Also include this text in the body of your email: "I, (your full legal name), hear by submit this artwork to Central Iowa Lacrosse for the express purpose of its use in promoting lacrosse in Central Iowa. The artwork may be used on the various Central Iowa Lacrosse websites, equipment, apparel, and merchandise. At this time, I acknowledge that Central Iowa Lacrosse is not providing monetary compensation or goods for my intellectual property. I understand that Central Iowa Lacrosse will credit me as the designer of the submitted artwork. I duly acknowledge and swear that this artwork is my original creation and has been intended for use by Central Iowa Lacrosse. By typing my name and city and state of residence below, I am certifying the above is factual and binding."
Of course, I want you to then type your name and address below this text to protect you, me, and Central Iowa Lacrosse legally. The "Flood" designs here are merely an example since the name did not win...

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