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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Types of Lacrosse Poll Results

The results are in! Once again, the voting left a bit to be desired, but here is the breakdown of the (11) votes:
Field Lacrosse - 54%
Box Lax - 0%
Chumash - 0%
All Forms - 36%
Anything but Chumush! - 5%
None of the Above -
Women's Lacrosse - 5%
Once again, I am a bit disappointed in the overall turnout, but I am thankful to those of you that did vote. It looks like Field Lacrosse is the preferred form, so hopefully we can get going on that this spring. I am not sure where we stand in terms of interested players at this moment, but I have a feeling that things will pick up after the New Year.

Tribe 7