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Monday, February 23, 2009

Those Dirty Devils!!!!

It's not a huge secret that I pretty much despise the Duke Blue Devils. That is true in virtually every sport, but especially lacrosse. Having said that, I was not happy with the political corruption that resulted in a suspended season and missed opportunity for a national championship due to blatantly false accusations made by some one less than credible. I may cheer against Duke on the field, but I was supportive of their case (unlike their classmates and faculty). Politics, white guilt and racism lead to that ordeal becoming such a circus rather than being settled as complete BS from the get go.

But I digress...

With that unfortunate incident behind us, let us look at the 2009 Blue Devils team. Here we see attackman Max Quinzani cradling the ball in what appears to be an illegal pocket. If you look at the close up on the right, you will notice more than an inch of daylight between the bottom of his sidewall and the top of the ball.

In case you were unaware, the top of the ball must be even with or above the bottom of the sidewall. Most refs will let close pockets slide, but this pocket is definitely not close to being legal. This Dukie is straight up cheating and he probably knows it.

The good news is that the cheating did not help Duke this weekend. The (formerly) fifth ranked Blue Devils were upset on Saturday by the unranked Harvard Crimson 9-6. Just goes to show you that God hates devils, even blue ones - especially when they cheat!

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