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Monday, March 30, 2009

For the Ladies, All the Ladies

Up to this point, I have focused my energy on getting the men's game going in Des Moines. Obviously I am a guy and that is what I want to play. We have had some success at getting new guys out and preparing the Valley Tigers to play well in their league. The momentum is great and I want to keep it going.
Meanwhile, the ladies are beginning to feel left out. During out last Toss Around, Caleb brought a female friend to take part. Girls have also appeared a couple of times at Valley practices (mostly just as spectators, but one tried it once). A couple of weeks ago, the head coach of Omaha's high school girls' program contacted me to see if we had a program yet. With much regret, I told her no.
Last week, I received two emails that made me think that maybe the time could be right for a girls' program in Des Moines in addition to our surging men's program. The first came from Jean Dahlquist, who plays NCAA Division 3 varsity lacrosse at Swarthmore College. She expressed interest in an adult league during a summer internship in the metro. The second came via the latest member of the Des Moines Lacrosse League, Tara:
First, I am super excited to see this sport being brought to Iowa. It looks like there are mostly men involved so far. Have you heard of any interest from women who want to have a catch?? I played 4 years at Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus and have wanted to find some to play with since I moved to Iowa. My stick is a bit worn but I do have an extra if you know of someone interested in giving it a try before buying a stick. It's been awhile but I've coached clinics so would be interested in teaching women to play if there's interest. Let me know if you know any females who are interested or want to have a catch!
Not Tara, Image of current player Jaclyn Napoli

Of course I've tried to put the three women in touch and have forwarded the information to the Valley players and some area teachers in attempt to get more girls out. Now I am reaching out to my readers and the Internet as a whole. The best way to spread lacrosse throughout the metro (and the state) is to get programs for both men and women up and running.
While I admit that I know very little about the women's game, I am more than happy to help get it up and running in Des Moines. I do know the equipment requirements are much less: $103 for goggles and a stick versus $265 for the essential men's gear (helmet, pads, gloves, and a stick). The University of Iowa has a women's team and may be willing to join up/help out. Contact me and I can pass on your info/get you in touch with Jean and Tara.

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