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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Embrace Change

Now that the Des Moines Demons logo has been officially announced, I will be changing a few things around here. First of all, I have updated the team's graphic link in the sidebar. Next I will be unveiling a new banner for the top of the Demons website. A slightly redesigned banner for this page will follow not too long after...
Some of the text and link colors on this site will be revised soon too. I've had the same thing going on for quite a while and think that maybe we need something new and fresh. I contemplated changing the background, but that could have dire consequences on some of my older posts. A radical make over is a future possibility because I may eventually do some spring cleaning in the archives...
Ideally I would like to recreate the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association website to be more similar to the Valley Tigers Lacrosse site. Imagine having a single easy-to-navigate site with all of our information clearly laid out. Hopefully that may come to pass in the next year or so. Maybe by the time CILA hits its anniversary...
Just like everybody else, I don't care much for ads on websites. However, I think that a couple of convenient and relevant ads are a good thing. I will keep the ads for Great Atlantic Lacrosse on the site and try to update them as new promotions or cooler graphics come along. I've decided to continue running Eurosport ads and may add link for other sports merchandise cites as well. However, all non-lax ads will be moved from the sidebar to the bottom of the page.
Because I believe in supporting our community, some local non lacrosse websites will soon have graphic links and advertisements on the sidebar. I feel that it is my duty to support my friends and neighbors, but I only endorse companies that I believe in and use. That said, I would be more than willing to consider throwing up an ad for people that support lacrosse in Des Moines.
Lastly, I am in the process of dumping my current links system. Right now the links are on a separate page. They will remain there until I figure out a suitable replacement system that does not clutter this page. One idea I have is linking directly to Valley's link page since most of the content is the same. Let me know what you think of that.

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