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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Would You Attend a Clinic?

Well, it looks like I know who my readers are, at least the ones in high school. Half votes in the Where do you go to high school? poll were cast by Valley or Waukee students. Four people were out of high school and I have a really good idea of who two of the remaining votes belonged to. I'm curious about the "other" that was selected...

The results of that poll suggest that we will not be getting a second club team going any time soon. However, we are hoping to have both a varsity and a jv team for the Valley/Waukee club next spring. Given our participation, success, and our current players' recruiting efforts, this should be doable. In the meantime I will continue to work on spreading interest, getting coaches, and hopefully getting a few officials going. We will have some sort of combined adult and teen league this summer; I just need to finish tweaking the details.

Part of our lacrosse problem in Central Iowa is the utter lack of knowledge. Most have had very little exposure to the game. Holding our Toss Around events is one way that we are trying to teach lacrosse. Spreading the word about the Valley team and its upcoming home games (Waukee Stadium) on May 2 and 9 is another; for the first time ever, Des Moines area residents will have the opportunity to see a local high school lacrosse game.

In addition to the activities we already have and the league we are planning, I am hoping that we can get some instruction from more experienced players. Recently, I had hoped to get a NCAA Division I lacrosse camp going for the Valley players and the rest of the Nebraska league set up this summer. Since circumstances prevented this, I am looking at one of my original ideas - setting up a miniclinic with Iowa and/or Iowa State laxers.

Unlike the DI camp, the clinic would be fairly informal and could be opened to interested adult players. Just like the Valley boys, the adults in the metro are very behind in terms of lacrosse experience. Any chance to increase our knowledge and ability should be taken.

The latest poll focuses simply asks whether or not you would be interested in attending such a clinic. If I get enough of a positive response, I will go forward with trying to set something up. Like I said above, I plan on arranging instruction for teens and adults...
Remember that the big Iowa State vs Iowa lax game is at 2:00 pm on Sunday 4/19 in the Bubble at the University of Iowa! Admission is FREE! This is the final regular season game for the Hawkeyes and the final game in Iowa for the Cyclones in 2009! I plan on being there...

***Full results of the "Where do you go to high school?" poll: Valley/Waukee - 8, SEP/East - 1, Carlisle/Norwalk - 1, Lincoln/Roosevelt - 1, Other - 4***

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