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Friday, May 8, 2009

Central Iowa Lacrosse Online Store Now Open!

You may have noticed the new graphic links on all of the CILA affiliated sites that lead to the new Central Iowa Lacrosse Association Online Store. I've been toying with a finding a way to make merchandise and fan wear available for CILA, the Demons, and the Valley Tigers Lacrosse Club. The Logo Sportswear store allowed me to create fan wear for the Tigers, Demons, and CILA at reasonable prices. To keep prices down even more, I am not taking any commission on these items!
Let me know what you think of the retro design I've created for the Demons. Of course the regular official logo appears as well. I've even put some team shorts with the helmet/third logo. If there is demand for the secondary logo, I will add products with it as well. But for now I will not be making or removing any items; if there is enough demand in a few months, things will be mixed up a little. I am limited to 50 products overall, so...
Since there seems to be interest in buying CILA reversibles, I have made them available as well. I couldn't get the Demons logo to work and have decided that it will not adorn a jersey until actual game shirts can be made (and group ordered). Unfortunately numbers are not available for the reversibles.

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