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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Lax Clinic

I've already heard back from the ISU Cyclones Lacrosse Club regarding our clinic plans. One of their coaches says we can do it ASAP. May 30th looks like the earliest possible date considering this weekend is our last game, next week is too short of a notice, and the 23rd is Labor Day weekend.

He told me that the cost can be kept ultra low - hopefully like $5-10 per person. If we have 15 or fewer people, the cost will be higher, but more than 15 people and we can get by with a lower dollar amount. All of the money will go to the ISU coaches and players who instruct us; most of it is to reimburse them for gas. I am also checking to see if they have any ISU lax apparel for sale that they can bring with them.

The clinic is open to EVERYBODY including high school, youth, and adult players. It most likely will run for a couple of hours and the clinic will be set up as their players/coaches see fit. We tentatively plan to hold the clinic in West Des Moines at our usual practice fields. Contact me with questions! I plan on attending and I hope to see you there!

Addendum - May 11, 2009
After discussions this weekend, we will delay the clinic a couple of weeks. ISU's coach suggested that we attempt a joint clinic with Iowa's program to maximize the number of experienced players available to us. Ideally we will have at least one player per position (Attack, Middie, Defense, Goalie) between the two teams. This gives us the possibility for specialist training to improve our guys at all levels. The bad news is that a joint camp may drive up the cost by a few bucks, but that is mostly to cover the additional miles from Iowa City. At least we still plan to have the camp in Des Moines!
I am now in the process of trying to set up a combined clinic and will post the information ASAP.

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