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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mikey Powell - Douche Stats

A History of Baby Mikey's MLL Douche Baggery
April 26, 2006
Bayhawks DNR Powell
Baltimore Bayhawks place A Mike Powell on the Did Not Report List.

April 3, 2009
The Boston Cannons place A MIKE POWELL on Waivers.

Note: The Boston Cannons are awarded a compensatory 1st Round Collegiate Draft Pick in exchange for the release of Mike Powell. As a DNR-Contract player, neither the Cannons nor another MLL team can re-claim this player during the 2009 season; the next opportunity for a team to claim his rights is the 2010 Supplemental Draft this fall. All compensatory picks will occur at the end of the indicated round and in the case of multiple picks, are subject to the current waiver order.

National Douche
Mikey is such a douche that the US Men's National team did not invite him to their 2010 tryouts! Since he is not playing in the MLL this summer, he would no longer be eligible anyway, but the decision was made before he announced he did not want to play.

My Flagged & Removed Commentary on the Lacrosse Forums
(for "profanity")
Responding to this: Mikey has absolutely no excuse, that kid has all the talent in the world, talent many players would kill for, and he wastes all of it. I understand how many MLL players have other professions, but Mikey Powell is a musician and he works for a lacrosse company. He could be playing he is just to lazy.
With this: Which is why I openly admit to disliking him. He is one of the few people who are fortunate enough to have lacrosse as a career (something most MLL players wished for) and he squanders it. That is top notch douchebag material.
Mikey's behavior is a huge stumbling block to the success of the MLL's goal of making pro lax a full time, sustainable career. As lax fans there may be things you dislike about the MLL (2 point line), but in the end you should realize that having a pro league means that the sport will continue to grow. Do you think football would be as huge as it is without the NFL? Baseball if the NCAA was the top level? Hockey? Basketball (although NCAA is much better to watch)? No b/c the best players would never have picked up a ball without believing that one day they could make serious bank. Do you think LeBron would be playing if the NBA didn't exist? Doubtful...
We need the MLL and the Powells, especially Mikey, need to get their act together and support it or get out the industry all together.
My official warning said this: Look, I get that you don't like Mikey, we all do. But you still need to be mindful of how you decide to describe him on TLF. If IL can't print it in their magazines, it can't be posted here.
I responded to the moderator's message with this question:Am I allowed to repost it without the inflammatory statement? Or is it a no go b/c he is sponsored by an advertiser?
Inside Lacrosse runs the Lacrosse Forums. Brine is an advertiser in IL.

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