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Friday, July 3, 2009

The Future of This Blog

With the launch of a sophisticated website and message boards a couple of days ago, you may be wondering what will happen to this blog (then again, maybe you don't care). I am pleased to tell you that I fully intend to keep this site going for the foreseeable future!
Over the last month or two you may have noticed that I have been diverting from lacrosse quite regularly. Expect more of the same in the months to come as I will now be giving attention to other sports on a regular basis. For the most part I will only focus on things that interest me or infuriate me. Expect regular doses of hockey and football. With the World Cup a year away and qualifying going on as you read this, be prepared for a hefty helping of soccer as well (even more than I have put up recently).
Will I still post about lacrosse? Of course! With "lax" still in the web address and the title being "Central Iowa Lacrosse & Sports Ramblings" I would be stupid not to. I will continue to post about college and professional lacrosse; I may even get some local lax news in from time to time. In addition, I plan on keeping most of the archived CILA material on this site! Some stuff, like the various leagues' info has been transferred to the new site and will be deleted from here shortly.
So sit back and relax as I begin the next phase of this journey. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated! Shoot me an email or comment below.

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