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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rest In Peace

The Des Moines Register apparently makes post-publication revisions. Perhaps this is why no media outlets have picked this up:
Nick Foley, a Dallas lawyer representing DM Hockey Holdings LLC, also revealed that the AHL already has voted to suspend the franchise’s operation in Des Moines for next season.“There will be no AHL hockey in Iowa this season,” Foley said. “That decision already has been made to allow the league to get its scheduling done.”
AHL officials have declined to respond to questions regarding the Des Moines franchise.
I will miss having the world's highest level of minor leaving hockey at Wells Fargo Arena this season. Hopefully the situation can be resolved and we can have our team back next year. This gives me a little bit of hope:
“We would be happy to give the team to the county, if, in fact, they would be happy to pay off the creditors. If they think they need an AHL team, they don’t need to look elsewhere,” Foley said.
I have stated several times (here, on the Register, and on various message boards) that a publicly owned team would ensure that we would have an American Hockey League franchise indefinitely. Whether Foley was being facetious or not, the idea could potentially work. The County could assume ownership and Global Spectrum could operate the team. Global has the resources to run a successful operation readily available and many recently terminated staff members would be happy to return to work. Foley's comment seems legit based on his own words and the facts:
“We don’t have an agreement to lose $1 million a year indefinitely while (arena management firm) Global Spectrum and the county makes money,” Foley said.
Polk County has reported receiving $3.7 million over the past three years from the operation of Wells Fargo Arena, meaning there has not been a deficit at the Iowa Events Center for the past two.
It's kind of funny that the County made about the same amount of money that the Schlegels lost. Perhaps this is a sign that the County and Global would be the best owners/operators of the Chops...
Regardless, I will definitely miss the overpriced beer and comfy seats. Most of all I will miss watching guys play in Des Moines one night and in the NHL the next. The Ducks gave us some great players and the staff provided an excellent atmosphere all season. Now it looks like I will be returning to Buccaneer Arena if I want to catch any live local hockey. Hopefully they perform better than they did last year...
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