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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cascade Better Watch Its Back

Why should the manufacturer of the most popular lacrosse helmets ever (CPX & Pro7) be worried?

Reason #1
The new 2010 Warrior Trojan. Finally a Warrior helmet with a traditional (normal) look and fit. Although Warrior has not updated their website, Elevation Lacrosse has this to say about the new lid:

Available in hundreds of custom color combinations!Don't be fooled by its traditional appearance. The Trojan brings a ridiculous level of comfort over your head while providing protection no matter how intense the action. Lightweight but strong, the Trojan is a pleasure to wear. Fully customizable in 15 custom color options. Dual-density fit liners that can be customized front to back as well as side to side. Lightweight moisture-wicking EVA-padded liner provides unbelievable comfort and protection; fit's traditional stripe sticker sets. Components available in 15 colors. Meets or exceeds all current NOCSAE standards for helmet safety.

Anyone with a Venom can appreciate the Trojan's ability to fit traditional stripe sticker sets. What about those 15 colors? Carolina blue, athletic gold, forest green, black, white, maroon, orange, purple, red, royal blue, silver, Vegas gold, yellow, and two mystery colors I have not uncovered.
Prices are not listed on Elevation and nobody else is showing this helmet currently. But I predict that it will come in around the same as a CPX ($190). If Warrior has any sense then they will undercut Cascade. Why would people jump from an extremely popular helmet to the Trojan without a discount?
It is a shame that the pump system did not sneak into the Trojan though...

Reason #2
The Flow is the best looking helmet ever produced by Gait. Sure the straps are odd and numerous, but overall the helmet is a drastic improvement over the Identity. According to Jim, the Identity has great vision, is breathable, is extremely light, and highly comfortable. If the Flow manages to package all of that with a relatively low price (under $140) then I predict this helmet will rocket to the top of the charts. Otherwise it will be another oddity produced by Gait. So far, I have not seen the price for this helmet and will not speculate further.

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