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Friday, August 14, 2009

Landon Donovan

I am not a Landon Donovan fan. I think he is a cocky, arrogant prick that chooses to play in MLS because his ego cannot stand being an average player in Europe. The Beckham Experiment demonstrated how much he hates being second fiddle to David Beckham in LA. Although I respect his contributions to the US National Team, I can hardly stomach the Pauly Shore looking, high-nasal voiced jerk.
When I watched the US vs Mexico game the other day, I was extremely pissed at Landycakes. For the whole game he looked like he was phoning it in. He totally looked like he could give a rat's ass about winning. My hatred for him intensified as we lost 2-1.
Now some startling news has come to my attention. It turns out that when Donovan reported to USNMT training in Miami last Sunday, he felt like crap. He finally went to the doctor and got some swabs done for testing. Despite his illness, he played in Wednesday's game. He found out yesterday that he has H1N1.
As soon as I learned that this morning, I set about on various websites apologizing for my critiques of his play Wednesday. Swine flu is a serious problem and Donovan probably should not have been on the pitch at all. Making matters worse, it is highly contagious during the first week and while symptoms persist. This means that the entire USMNT, Mexican National Team, referee crew, etc. may have been exposed. This could be a serious blow to the two major soccer powers in CONCACAF, not to mention the various club teams that rely on these players.
Despite H1N1's Mexican origin, I highly doubt this was a conspiracy by their soccer federation. Although stranger things have happened. After all, their utter fear of Donovan is legendary. In all seriousness, this is just a freaky coincidence.
Regardless of my personal opinion of Donovan's personality, I truly wish him a speedy recovery. He is an important player for both the USMNT and the LA Galaxy. I believe he is the first American athlete/celebrity to have a confirmed case of the disease, but I could be mistaken. Godspeed for a recovery, Landon. Your health is in my prayers.

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