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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Organization is the key...

It occurs to me that I have done a couple of "series" like the soccer series that wrapped up yesterday. As this month goes along, I plan to include some organization links for each series on the sidebar.
You may remember some of my series dating back to October when I speculated about which major athletics company will be the next to move to lacrosse. Various other topics an in series including restructuring lax from the college level up, my serious of "motivational" posters," how lax can help you in other sports, video tips, and various MLL topics. As this blog cements itself deeper into the sporting world, expect to see more series over time. My next poll might be about determining which sports entity I tackle next. Check back in a couple of days...
On a side note, I've already passed 260 posts without realizing it! Holy crap!

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