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Monday, August 3, 2009

Poll Result - Favorite Sport

As I expected, more than half (57%) of the 21 voters picked lacrosse as their favorite sport. It makes sense; after all, this blog was created to spread lacrosse throughout the Des Moines metro. I still try to keep the lacrosse content at the forefront, but I know that other sports have taken over a bit more lately.
Soccer, in particular, has been a primary feature over the last couple of weeks. But that makes sense since July is the pinnacle of the American soccer season every year with the PDL playoffs, the MLS All Star game, SuperLiga, US Open Cup, and other events. This year was dubbed "The Summer of Soccer" by many commentators because of the United States Mens National Team's participation in both the Gold Cup and Confederations Cup, as well as qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup (next game: 8/12 in Mexico City). Perhaps my extensive coverage of soccer over the last few weeks led to the high percentage (23%) of soccer supporters in the poll.
Rounding out the poll, Baseball came in with two votes while hockey and basketball each received one. Most surprisingly, football did not receive a single vote. Less surprisingly, neither did rugby, cricket, NASCAR or track. These results may have some influence on future posts, but for the most part I plan to focus on things I find relevant. Rest assured that racing will probably never receive coverage here unless something truly outrageous happens (beyond the stupidity of driving in circles for hours using gas while oil prices jump as high as they did last summer).
The new poll, which is already up, asks about what my next series should be. Give me your input!

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