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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Amazing Things Happening Here - Women

First of all, I want to thank Jaacki McKinney for her efforts in getting the girls game off the ground in the metro. Jaacki has taken over for Robyn Crisp, whose family moved back to Delaware. Jaacki has made some impressive strides so far this fall.
There was a girls' lacrosse meeting in Waukee on Wednesday. Thirty-two girls showed up! That is impressive by itself, but the school advisor informed Jaacki that even more girls asked about lacrosse on Thursday morning. Unlike our boys' program (unfortunately), they have enough participants from one school to fill the team.
The girls' team will compete against Omaha teams, and possibly Kansas City teams, this spring. anyone interested in learning to play or coach the girls' game - regardless of age - can attend and participate in their practices. Jaacki is hopefully that the Waukee girls can lead to increased interest from girls at other schools. As the interest is growing, there is a strong possibility that another coach will spring from the local ranks to form a second team.
Jaacki is also spearheading a group of women to field a post-collegiate team. This team would play in regional tournaments and possibly scrimmage against the Waukee team. All of this information -and more- will be added to the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association website as soon as I get the chance!

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