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Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer Is Over - SOLL Ends Soon

With the sunsets coming upon us earlier every night, I realize that my days of field lacrosse are nearing their completion. The Summer Open Lacrosse League was scheduled to allow working guys like myself to get out and play a game once a week. That system worked great until nature started workign against us. Now that it is dark by 8:00 pm, I recognize that playing all the way until 7:30 pm is becoming harder and harder.
To stretch things out as long as possible, I have decided that the SOLL will continue up to Valley's fall ball tournament in Lincoln on Saturday, October 10. That means that the final night of the Summer Open Lacrosse League will be Thursday, October 8. After that, Zach may decide to have Valley practices on Thursday nights, but nothing is certain.
This will give the casual laxers about a month off before the Open Box Lacrosse League starts up at the Soccer House. Registration for the OBLL is currently open and will remain open through Thursday, October 15 - one week from the final night of the outdoor league. The OBLL will feature rostered teams, scheduled teams, and a variety of competition. Unlike the summer league, the box league will not have pick up sessions!
Next year's summer league will most likely mirror the box league's structure. Our goal going forward is to have an organized, expanding, and stable league. Education and fun will always be at the center of our lacrosse programs. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions to further the growth of lacrosse in the metro and the state.

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