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Friday, April 30, 2010

Big Plans This Weekend

Valley has the whole weekend off. That gives the players, the other coaches, and myself time to take care of other things this weekend.
I plan to hit the summer league planning pretty hardcore Sunday. Right now I am working on getting the costs, sponsor, and jersey stuff nailed down. I have estimates from two suppliers and have been contacted about two potential sponsors. Based on what I have seen so far, we are still looking at around $30 for reversibles/dues. Sponsored teams will be named as such everywhere. If you are interested in sponsoring a team, contact me ASAP.
I also plan to get the sign up sheets prepared and out to my committee for review. The final versions will not be ready until I get the cost information nailed down. I will probably draft a couple of sample schedules using three and four teams to get an idea of how many games everybody is looking at. I am firmly committed to a scheduled and structured summer league this year. It worked well with Box despite the crappy weather all weekend.
If time allows, I may start getting the youth program information together as well.
In addition to that, I will be attending my first indoor rodeo tomorrow night. My wife and her best friend decided that we needed to do something new every month this year. This month is the PBR...
Maybe, if I am lucky and can make the time, I will get to go see this.
I have some other personal business tomorrow, but those of you that will be free should read below:
Saturday Scrimmage at Drake Stadium
The Bulldogs are hosting a full pad, regular contact scrimmage tomorrow (5/1) at noon. It is open to adult players in the area and there is no charge to attend. The kicker is that the game will be historic Drake Stadium. Contact Ben Shoff for more information.

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